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Prioritise Patient Care With The #1 Cloud Phone System For Healthcare Providers In The UK


In an announcement from UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Thérèse Coffey, she shared a new plan to help healthcare providers see more patients more quickly by investing in cloud-based phone systems. 

The move will free up one million appointments a year and help people get care when they need it most. 

Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Can Help

By investing in a cloud-based phone system like Aircall, GPs will be able to reduce patient waiting time (especially for surgery appointments) and increase the number of patients they’re able to see on a given day.

Providers and receptionists alike will be able to quickly respond to patients while connecting their phones with essential business tools to gain visibility into call metrics like response time, access features like call waiting, and respond to changing needs. 

It will also give them access to the analytics they need to easily show how many appointments they’re handling and the improvements they make over time (making the transition to these new expectations a lot less stressful). 

Aircall: The #1 Phone System for Healthcare Providers in the UK

When you make the switch to Aircall, you know you’re choosing a solution that’s trusted by the healthcare industry

Aircall Hipaa Compliant

Our easy-to-use cloud-based phone system helps you: 

  • Quickly and easily manage and route patient enquiries to reduce waiting times
  • Keep patient data secure and up-to-date at all times
  • Personalise each unique patient experience to build and maintain strong relationships with your local community
  • Reduce admin on medical staff to give them time back in front of patients

We also offer industry-leading features that make it easy to keep track of patient data. Healthcare providers can easily connect Aircall with their database to centralise activity, automatically log data, and ensure you always have a 360-degree view of your patients.

Beyond that, Aircall allows you to easily create and adjust call routing rules as needs and priorities change to maintain patient satisfaction and make sure patients are always guided to the right person on the first try.  

Learn more about how Aircall can help UK healthcare providers better serve their patients by starting a free trial today!

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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