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The customer is knocking at your door, and the product page is one of the last stops in their journey to purchase.  

It’s crucial to get these pages looking sharp!

5 Things to Always Include on Your Product Pages

1️⃣ Top Banner

We always include these on presell pages, but including them on product pages is just as important.  

A banner reminds the customer why they should be purchasing your product.

Socks brand Bombas executes this perfectly.

They feature 20% off your first order along with the discount code PLUS they included a sense of urgency with the Father’s Day feature.  

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2️⃣ Testimonials

It’s one thing to tell consumers your product is excellent, but it’s another to show your customer that over 2,000 (or however many) also agree. 

Bombas product pages display top reviews as well as 4,000+ others. That’s some solid social proof!

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3️⃣ Strong Product Images

It’s crucial to show more than one image so you can appeal to various audiences. 

Different images to include: 

  • Ingredients list (if applicable) 
  • The product from different angles 
  • Your top testimonial as an image
  • The product being worn (if applicable) 

Vessi Shoes is an excellent example of this. They even have their main value prop, “100% Waterproof,” on all images. 

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4️⃣ Your Key Selling Features

Just because someone clicked on your ad doesn’t mean they’re committed to purchasing. 

Use all available space to tell customers what makes your product unique and why they need to purchase it. 

Snow Teeth Whitening executes this perfectly by outlining what makes them stronger than their competitors. 

Comparison charts are great!

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5️⃣ Discount

If you’re having a sale, don’t forget to include it on your product page. 

You could promote the sale in a sticky banner at the top or use Snow’s tactics to show the sale price next to a crossed-out original price on the page. 

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Price is a significant factor causing consumers to bounce from product pages, so make sure they have all the information they need to make that purchase.

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Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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