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Product Update: Refined ExperienceEngine Analytics, Transactional Banner Ads, And More

While you’ve been cooking up your BFCM plans, the Stay Ai team has been working behind the scenes to further enhance your subscribers’ experience.

At Stay Ai, we are committed to continuously innovating the ways you can craft a premier customer experience for your subscribers. We’re so excited to showcase the latest and greatest updates to Stay Ai that will enable you to further enhance your customers’ experience in their customer portal.

To get started, let’s explore what your customers will see with these updates.

Enhancing the customer portal

Subscribers are some of your most loyal customers – which means they deserve an optimal customer portal experience. Some of our newest updates include customer-facing enhancements. Check then out here:

Add product from banner ads

Customers can now click the banner ad in their customer portal and directly add the featured product to their upcoming order, either as a one-time or subscription product.

ExperienceEngine promotions in-portalExperienceEngine promotions are now highlighted for subscribers in the customer portal. After clicking a an email with a promo offer, customers will be directed to their portal, in which a pop-up modal will highlight key promo information. Within this new modal, customers can either accept or decline the offer as well as see information regarding the offer – whether it has expired or if they’ve already accepted the promotion.

See shipping restrictionsCustomers will now get a new error message notifying them if they have input an address from an excluded country or state. As a merchant, you can customize this further, as we’ll see in the next section.

Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat for customizing the customer portal, creating promotions, and using the metrics available in Stay Ai to determine success. Our next list of updates will walk you through new updates to your tools within Stay Ai’s platform.

Enabling you to drive the customer experience that fits your brand

Whether it’s with promotions powered by Stay’s ExperienceEngine or adding new Klaviyo event triggers, our team is always hard at work to make sure you have everything you need to understand your customers better and offer valuable experiences to them. We’re stoked to bring you several updates to your own processes within Stay Ai’s platform, so you can craft the subscriber experience that you know your customers want.

Refined experienceEngine analytics

With our upgraded ExperienceEngine analytics interface, now you can more clearly delineate a promotion’s take rate, how the promotion impacted subscriber loyalty, and how the impact of customer value post-promotion.

Customize ExperienceEngine modals

Along with an improved customer experience when it comes to accepting ExperienceEngine-served promotional offers, you can now fully customize how promotional offers are displayed from the merchant portal. This update enables you to change the messaging on the promotion announcement displayed in each subscriber’s portal, customize modal icons, and switch up various design and color elements.

Apply shipping limitations to exclude areas

We’ve added a new section in Settings → Shipping Plans to apply limitations to your shipping offerings. You can now exclude countries and states from your shipping parameters to ensure customers won’t modify their address to ship to any excluded areas.

Added Klaviyo event triggers

In addition to these updates, we’ve also added new Klaviyo event triggers that push several event data points from Stay Ai to Klaviyo. These new events include:

Payment method expiring
If a subscriber has a payment method due to expire within the next 30 days, you’ll be able to trigger emails notifying customers that their payment method is expiring soon, and nudge customers to update billing/payment information before charges are triggered and fail.

Promotion applied
This event passes a significant amount of promotion-related information from Stay Ai to Klaviyo, including: promotion item names & variant IDs, the number of promotions opted into, the count of all promotions offered for the subscriber, the promotion types (free versus discount % vs $ off, etc), promotion discount values, promotion item prices, and more.

Item out of stock
If you prefer to send all subscriber communications from Klaviyo, you can now send out-of-stock notification emails to customers from Klaviyo, in place of OOS notification emails built in Stay Ai. The data passed with this event indicates if one or more items in a subscriber’s order are out of stock.

Using this email, you can inform subscribers of stock outages that affect their upcoming order, indicate how this will impact the fulfillment of their order, and even nudge the customer to modify the items in their order to an in-stock item instead.

Order partially fulfilled
Last one for our Klaviyo lovers! Now, you can send partial order fulfillment notifications to subscribers from Klaviyo, in place of partial fulfillment emails built in Stay. The data passed in this event indicates if a subscriber’s order has been partially fulfilled due to stock outages. This new event indicates which items have been fulfilled, and the dollar value of the items fulfilled.

Using this data, merchants can trigger emails that inform subscribers of partial order fulfillment, indicate which items will be included in their upcoming order, and share the updated total of their order. 

Wrapping it all up

Each of these updates have been created to further our mission of helping brands like yours boost customer AOV/LTV, improve retention rates, crush churn, and craft a dreamy subscriber experience. If you’re looking for some more tips on how to make the best use of these new rollouts, we recommend checking out these blog articles:

New to Stay Ai?

Ready to capitalize on these updates and so much more from Stay? Click the Get Started button below to get in touch with our team of subscription and retention experts.

This originally appeared on Stay Ai and is available here for wider discovery.
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