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Profanity Filter: Get Rid Of Reviews With Improper Languages


Worried about improper languages appearing in your reviews? Now we have a tool that saves you tons of time and effort dealing with this issue: Profanity Filter. This filter will detect improper languages in your reviews, then censor those words or completely hide the reviews if you want. Sounds good? Read on to learn how the Profanity Filter works.

After enabling the Profanity Filter following these guidelines, here are three things you can do:

1 – Censor or hide reviews with improper languages

Once enabled, our Profanity Filter provides you two ways to deal with profanities: 

A – Replace blacklisted words with *’s

When you choose this option, our system will replace blacklisted words in your reviews with a string of [*]. For example, [profanity] will become [****]. This will ensure no profanity appears in your reviews, especially if you are activating the auto-publish feature and unaware of the accidental publication.

B – Hide reviews containing blacklisted words

If you need a safer option, just choose to completely hide any reviews containing profanities. If our system detects blacklisted words in your reviews, it will mark the reviews as Hidden. These reviews will remain hidden even if you turn on the auto-publish feature.

2 – Add custom filtered words/phrases

Judge.me provides a standard list of blacklisted words to help you filter your reviews. You can also add your own filtered words/phrases. Your custom words will be used along with our standard list. Follow these guidelines to set up your blacklisted words in the Profanity Filter.

3 – Curate filtered reviews in the Reviews Dashboard

You can see all filtered reviews in the Reviews Dashboard by applying the “With Profanity” filter. In each review, the “improper words” will be highlighted in red. We recommend you check this filter occasionally to see if some good reviews (but containing blacklisted words) are accidentally hidden. In this case, you can simply re-publish the reviews.

If you choose to replace blacklisted words with *’s, here is how your reviews will be displayed in the Review Widget.

Special thanks to our friends at Judge.me for their insights on this topic.
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