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Professional And Unique Shopify Themes For Increasing Your Ecommerce Sales

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Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular; for good reason: it's convenient and fast.

The internet has been a massive boon for business owners and buyers alike. In 1990, the first web server and browser were created by Tim Berners-Lee. Since then, there have been many advancements in this field, including online banking and the opening the online pizza store “Pizza Hut”. These developments have helped to create new professions and projects that wouldn't be possible without the internet. For example, let's take a look at how online shopping has changed over time:

  • In 1991, businesses started to sell products directly to buyers through websites.
  • In 1994, ecommerce platforms began to emerge, which made buying products on the internet more accessible.

This paves the way for more online sales opportunities for businesses across all industries.

As technology progressed further in 1995 (mainly with advances in browsers), shoppers became increasingly comfortable using computer systems to shop from home or work instead of visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This trend continued until 2014 when mobile commerce accounted for 60% of retail spending worldwide!

This proves how important it is for business owners and buyers to stay updated with the latest technologies to get ahead of their competition!

Shopify then enters the scene

Digital sales have become accessible, and marketers have been developing different strategies and methods of promotion for two decades. One of the main things and the first thing that users pay attention to is the store interface. People have this habit left over from offline shopping; when passing by storefronts, we choose the best ones and go there and make purchases. 

Owners who sell their products on the Internet should take care of this point. There are separate platforms that offer to make this task easier for you and serve as a kind of designer for your future e-commerce shop. One of these is Shopify – an Internet company that develops software for online and retail stores. The platform allows it to create and customize an online store, manage payments, inventory, products, and shipping, and sell in multiple places, including the web, mobile, online marketplaces, social media, pop-up shops, etc.

It sounds cool, but how to deal with all this, and what do you do if you do not have the necessary skills to use tools to create this online store? We recommend using ready-made solutions in the form of templates for Shopify. If you haven't heard of them, we're happy to share details and tips on using them.

Tips and tricks for your Shopify templates

Ease of use and SEO

Many beginners in the field of digital commerce may not be familiar with the second term. Search optimization of the site or SEO is a process that takes into account many aspects, namely the process of controlling external factors to meet the requirements of the algorithm of search engines, site structure, correction of HTML code, and text content, to raise the position of the site in the search results in these systems for certain user requests. As for ease of use, the design must be simple enough for the user to understand how to navigate the web page intuitively. To be sure that the template complies with these points, it is worth using only reliable platforms, for example, MasterBundles. There, professionals make all designs according to the requirements listed above.

Consider your target audience

Before buying a ready-made template for Shopify, analyze exactly what kind of people you plan to see as your customers. This is important to understand which colors, fonts, and, in general, the entire look of the online store is better to choose. For example, if your product is aimed at teenagers, it is better to choose creative and exciting options. This will guarantee you at least interest on their part.

Make your online store different from others

To do this, look at the web pages of stores that sell a similar product to yours and, based on this, conclude the elements that prevail in each of them. You need to try not to use too many of them because you will not attract a potential customer, and the desired number of sales will not correspond. In addition to the regular options, you can also look at premium Shopify themes; there are many more unique templates. So that you don't have to go through all the options for a long time, we selected one of the best ones with it.

6 Shopify themes to power your online store

Medexi – Medical Store Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme

Medixi theme provides a modern, creative, and responsive design suitable for Medical Equipment, First Aid Certification and Kits, Drugs, Medicine, Hospital Equipment, Skin Care and Natural Products, Ayurveda, Herbal & Beauty Kits, and Other Accessories, etc. The graphic designer made sure that you are comfortable using this template and made it a fully responsive width that adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution. The color scheme consists of a combination of white and green colors.

Anemone – Clean Shopify Theme

This option is suitable for minimalists who want to make their online space simple but, at the same time, good-looking. Almost all the elements you see in the template can be changed by you, depending on your needs and wishes. Also, the graphic designer who created this product will be happy to answer any questions and help you.

KidzyMall – Kids, Toys, And Games Theme For Shopify 2.0 Website Stores

This template is for you if you plan to create an online store related to directing products specifically to children. When creating his product, the designer chose a bright color range that immediately attracted attention. You can also check the reviews; this is a good indicator that the product is good.

Fitness Mega Gym–Sports Extreme–Nutrition Super Shopify Store

This template is a one-size-fits-all answer for any project in the wellness business, with numerous vital points and customization options. It includes all the essential components of a business website, such as search options, product surveys, blog posts, and more. A possible file format is SVG and ZIP. A great option that will interest users.

Tourhut – Travel, Tours, And Tourism Agency Shopify Responsive Theme

If your business is related to tourism, this item from the list is for you. Tourhut theme is responsive, so it is completely adjustable for any device, such as a desktop, tablet, laptop, and mobile phone, which allows you to reach a much larger potential audience. This template allows you to insert many photos, which is extremely necessary for this industry and is SEO optimized.

Bolla – Clean Fashion Shopify Theme

This template is quite versatile in use, and although the example is shown specifically in the fashion field, you can also try the design for others. Calm, muted colors and a simple minimalist font prevail here. The design is easily editable. Available in PDF and ZIP format.

Summing it up

Running a digital business, mainly an online store, is not easy, and numerous points must be taken into account to guarantee success. Delegation is one solution. One of the things we talked about today is ready-made templates for Shopify. We think you have seen how cool they look; believe us, you will save a lot of time while receiving positive customer feedback about your page.

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