PushOwl is certified by Shopify Plus!

PushOwl is a certified Shopify Plus app.

Today, I can proudly announce that PushOwl has entered a highly selected group of Shopify Apps that are certified to solve complex merchant issues at scale, driving high ROI, and delivering the highest standards on security, performance, and support.

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program consists of only 44 Shopify App Partners, each of them being the category leader in their respective technology. In this diverse set of Shopify Partners, PushOwl is the only partner that is dedicated to Web Push Marketing. 

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program

With a focus on support and performance, the program touches all quality aspects of modern SaaS tools with requirements ranging from support, security, privacy, and performance. On top of that, joining the program requires an existing track record with Shopify Plus merchants as a proof of concept to join the program.

PushOwl joins in the category “Messaging and Notifications” for its expertise in web push notifications. We are more than excited to join this category with our existing partners, friends, and top players in the Shopify ecosystem: SMSBump (SMS Marketing), Octane AI (SMS und Messenger Marketing), Attentive (SMS Marketing), and Postscript (SMS Marketing).

“The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest-growing brands,” said Loren Padelford, GM Shopify Plus. “We’re happy to welcome PushOwl to the program, bringing their insight and experience in Messaging and Notifications to the Plus merchant community.”

Shopify Plus partner

PushOwl ❤️ Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the leading solution for building cost-effective enterprise eCommerce platforms and a major disruptor in the retail landscape. With 7,000+ merchants on Plus since its launch only a few years ago in 2014, the growth is evident.

We are humbled and excited that already more than 500 Plus merchants are using PushOwl’s web push marketing as part of their marketing strategy to send push notifications without the need for a mobile app.

From the beginning, PushOwl has built for enterprise users, always keeping architecture scalable to be able to support even the largest Shopify Plus stores’ flash sales and promotion. This also allows us to specifically catering to their needs in terms of feature development and ensuring consistently high ROIs.

Flow integration (Shopify Plus workflow builder)

Shopify Flow allows you to set up specific Shopify-related workflows that are triggered based on specific actions and behaviors. The integration between PushOwl and Shopify Flow allows you to set up highly specific workflows that will automatically send push campaigns to all your push subscribers or will send one push notification to the shopper who triggered the notification.

Catering to Shopify Plus scale

The scale at which the largest Shopify Plus stores operate is mind-blowing. While Plus comes with double the rate limit of normal Shopify, PushOwl has introduced a solution to support 100x of the requests per second to make sure Flash Sales and similar traffic spikes run super smoothly. This can be enabled along with the support from Shopify Plus’ Merchant Success Managers. 

The foundation of PushOwl has always been support and performance

Our team is available round the clock helping merchants with their queries and doubts, ensuring your web push marketing is a success. Besides this, enterprise merchants also have dedicated strategy managers to help them learn exactly how they can use this channel to promote their products and offers to grow their business.

It’s great to be part of the Plus Fam!

Shopify Plus is an incredible solution, ecosystem, and team. It is pure joy to work with everyone who is so dedicated to the mission to ‘Make Commerce Better for Everyone’.

Our journey of joining the Shopify Plus family actually started in 2018 at Shopify Pursuit London, where we were first inspired to join the program (Plus Tech Partnership back then) when speaking with the Shopify team after being introduced through our merchants. So, it is great to finally join the program. We are looking forward to all the opportunities ahead!

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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