PushOwl Segmentation Builder (now in Closed Beta!)


We at PushOwl recently launched the Segmentation Builder feature on our dashboard. This Segmentation Builder will help merchants to create smaller subscriber lists based on their specific criteria like behaviour, history, and location. Time to celebrate – and plan the next steps!

How Does the Segmentation Builder Look?

Here’s a quick sneak peek into how the Segmentation builder looks:

Why a closed beta?

Web push subscribers are different from email subscribers and in general, every merchant’s audience is different. This segmentation builder isn’t a copy-paste job. We know that it is tough to build a solution that makes every merchant happy from the start. 

So, we have decided to work closely with a small group of merchants, constantly gathering and executing their feedback, and slowly widening this group of testers to all our Shopify users. This way we can move fast, iterate regularly, and stay focused while working on such a big project. 

Segmentation and the ability to create custom segments has been a part of PushOwl since close to the beginning – so this beta is really about testing the user interface, user experience, and new ways of how we populate these segments.

If you join the Segmentation Builder Closed Beta, your segments will work as before and you will find them in the familiar places— within the Campaign Creator and the Segments dashboard.

Roadmap to PushOwl’s Segmentation Builder

We are releasing new features and updating the segmentation builder’s user interface every week while working closely with our focus group of merchants in the close beta. We are constantly adding new stores to this test to learn more about what segments you would like to build (but cannot build yet) and how you are generally interacting with the feature. 

This helps us to improve the new feature and build it in a way that makes it easy for you to use. From our constant interaction with you, we understand the importance of usability and have made it our key USP.

How to join the beta? 

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining and helping us to build and improve the segmentation feature! Message our customer support team through your PushOwl dashboard and you will be added to the beta in no time!

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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