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PushOwl, Shopify’s leading Web Push Marketing Platform integrates with leading Website-Accelerator Edgemesh

Integration between PushOwl and Edgemesh, showcasing owl and lightning logos on a white background.

Everybody talks about conversion rate optimization all the time. Heck, even we do it all the time – like here, here, and here. But we will also all agree that the most crucial part of conversion rate optimization is page speed. There, we are exceptionally proud to be the first Web Push Marketing platform to integrate with leading Website-Accelerator Edgemesh.

For the very most online stores, Shopify and Shopify Plus offer a superior solution to sell on the Internet. Among all the benefits that the platform offers to merchants, the simple ability to integrate marketing, analytics, and store customizations is one major benefit of them. However, it also comes at a cost: Additional resources are added to the website which leads to longer loading time.

Install the Edgemesh App – increase your conversion rate!

There is a solution to make loading smarter: Edgemesh uses real customer traffic to make automated, real-time optimizations for Shopify sites. The advanced ‘pre-cache’ technology helps customers to pre-load content they’re likely to request before they’ve requested it. This ‘Speed as a Service’ solution doesn’t require any development effort and supports not just the items on the site, but also every third-party resource. 

PushOwl x Edgemesh – One worker to rule them all

Both PushOwl and Edgemesh run their respective technologies (web push technology, website acceleration) via so-called service workers. However, only one service worker can run at a time – so a technical integration is crucial when running web push marketing and Edgemesh’s website acceleration. Therefore, the PushOwl team built an integration together with the Edgemesh team to integrate both service workers. Read more about this 1-click process in our helpdesk.

We see that Edgemesh has great traction in the Shopify Plus ecosystem with its unique approach to page speed acceleration. When we learned from mutual clients that we need an integration, our teams immediately got together to build a thorough and user-friendly integration.

Shashank Kumar, CEO and Founder of PushOwl

Service workers do the job behind the scenes

Merchants and store visitors never get to “see” the power of this invisible, modern browser technology. Besides helping with caching content and push notifications, service workers are also the enablers behind accelerated mobile pages.

Site design vs site performance is an age-old problem. With the PushOwl and Edgemesh integration – you get the best of both worlds. Our integration will provide enterprise merchants the convenience of push notifications while also providing a significant performance boost to its users.

Branden Brooker, Account Partner at Edgemesh

Edgemesh and PushOwl are dedicated to delivering state of the art technology and support to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. This integration is one prime example of this effort

Edgemesh alleviates many of the site performance pains associated with being on a large platform like Shopify. Leverage technology that top e-commerce stores already use and see how Edgemesh can increase your conversion rate by 20%. Sign up or book a demo today.


Edgemesh is an enterprise-grade solution brought to the Shopify eCommerce world to show the power of speed as a service.

PushOwl is a Shopify Plus-certified web push marketing solution in active use by 20k+ merchants. Shopify stores use PushOwl to increase their retention and conversion rate with broadcast campaigns and smart automations.

Special thanks to our friends at PushOwl for their insights on this topic.
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