QuickBooks Pro Advisor Saves 8 Hours of Work After Sales Receipts are Deleted


Rewind: Why did you start with Rewind?

Kellie: I have always been conscious of backups for QuickBooks Online and the need for location redundancy of information. I started hearing rumblings about both Chronobooks and Rewind. And my big wants were a backup that behaved very much like Apple time-machine; that I could go in and roll back to a point in time. I also wanted to be able to cherry-pick which transactions to restore because I knew this ability would save my bacon! Rewind checked off all of these needs that I was looking for in a backup solution.

Rewind: When has Rewind been able to solve your pain points/save your bacon?

Kellie: I have a client who owns a retail operation and I didn’t set up a clear enough process for a rapidly changing business model. They were growing in the number of locations, so they added a large number of POS systems. Then our clearing account started going out of whack because of the information the POS system was pushing into the file. We made a ton of changes and then realized that a large portion of those changes, but not all, needed to be reverted. It was going to be a monstrous task for us to go back a manually re-enter the receipts needed. But since I had Rewind backing up and capturing all the changes made in the client’sQuickBooks Online file, we went and restored the actual sales receipts that we wanted. That was a huge lifesaver and saved my bacon BIG TIME!

Rewind: What is the biggest benefit you get from Rewind?

Kellie: Security. Knowing that a big mistake isn’t going to be a big problem. That’s where the single item transaction comes in; having the ability to restore a transaction type is KEY versus rolling back a whole file. Because if you roll back a whole file you have to make the decision on which is going to be more work, rolling back the whole file or fixing things.

For anyone who is on the fence about Rewind and if they need backups for QuickBooks Online – just do it now. I can’t stress it enough that for $5 a month you are able to rescue your client files. The ability is tremendous!

Key Takeaways

  • Kellie saved a full day of manual work, downtime and provided an instant solution for her client because of Rewind backups
  • Integrations in QuickBooks Online, such as POS systems, can cause massive unwanted changes in company files – Kellie certainly experienced this!
  • Rewind provides Kellie with the security needed to protect her data and have complete control over which items she wants to restore – saving her bacon in times of need
  • For $5 a month per client file you are able to have the tremendous ability to rescue your client files and provide a service above and beyond their expectations

This article was originally published by our friends at Rewind.

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