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Quickly Migrate To Better Integrate: Switching From Bronto To Klaviyo With MuteSix


On the heels of the latest about Bronto’s upcoming “End of Life” (EOL), a necessary shift is about to occur in digital advertising that will likely improve content and e-commerce integration as we know it. Here’s everything you need to know about the change, and why your brand should enlist Klaviyo’s “Elite Partner,” MuteSix to help you migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo … and fast.

Why Migrate?

On March 3, 2021 Oracle NetSuite, who acquired Bronto Software six years ago, declared “End of Life” status for the Bronto Marketing Platform. The last date of service will be May 31, 2022, at which time they will no longer continue selling the platform or making any improvements to it. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make the switch to a new e-commerce automation platform like Klaviyo … sooner rather than later.

Top-tier brands like Juiced Bikes, Pair of Thieves, Brava, and OUAI have already successfully transitioned to Klaviyo. Together, we’ve seen major success, since Klaviyo offers an “out-of-box” solution that integrates seamlessly with today’s most popular shopping platforms, including Shopify.

Why Switch Now, Not 2022?

While you have until May 31, 2022 to switch over, doing it now vs. in 2022 is a smart strategy, as it will:

  • Incrementally familiarize your list by migrating in phases
  • Give you adequate time to familiarize your brand with the Klaviyo product
  • Better position you for success during Thanksgiving, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and other major shopping holidays thanks to Klaviyo’s hosted events, data insights/trends, and training

Why Say “No” to Bronto?

Launched in 2002, Bronto provided a once-innovative platform for clients looking to integrate their email, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns. However, in recent years Bronto has continued to lag behind more-reliable solutions like Klaviyo. The older platform has several limitations and drawbacks when compared to its competitor, including:

  • A steeper learning curve, making it harder to manage
  • Problematic U/I
  • Excessive development needs
  • Limited integrations with shopping platforms used today, such as Spotfiy
  • 3rd party connector requirement

Why Say “Yes” to Klaviyo?

High growth e-commerce merchants need enterprise-grade power at lightning-fast speeds. That’s why Klaviyo’s 50,000+ clients–who rank among the most ambitious and fastest growing brands–reveal they preferred a tool that’s easier to set up, easier to use, and capable of better ROI.

Many former Bronto customers have made the switch to Klaviyo for both email and SMS automation. They’ve specifically benefited from:

  • Klaviyo’s seamless integrations across their tech stack
  • Quick implementation with access to all features on day one
  • Flexible month-to-month pricing without hidden costs, fees, or a la carte features
  • Peace of mind to create advanced segments and set strategies live in a matter of minutes

Why Partner With MuteSix?

As the leading agency in performance marketing for DTC brands and a Klaviyo Elite Partner, MuteSix has been touting the benefits of Klaviyo over Bronto for a while now. Out team of Klaviyo-certified experts can:

  • Provide a free audit and to assess what you have in Bronto and how it can be improved using Klaviyo
  • Help migrate you at no additional cost, if you sign up with our Email services
  • Get you up and running quickly:
    • 10K – 50K Email Subscribers: 1 Week
    • 51K – 400K Email Subscribers: Approx. 2 Weeks
    • 401K+ Email Subscribers: 3+ Weeks
  • Provide you affordable Email Marketing services

Why Our Work Works:

When it comes to email marketing, MuteSix clients see:

  • 20.8% average open rate
  • 1.4% Average Conversion Rate
  • 28.5% Average ROI
  • 25-30% 12-Month Total Revenue

Case(s) in Point:

A few examples of our winning partnerships with Klaviyo include Pair of Thieves and Juiced Bikes.

Pair of Thieves, a rapidly growing e-commerce brand, looking to increase market share in a highly competitive category, opted for Klaviyo. Thanks to our partnership, the budding business saw:

  • 8.5x Increase in List Growth
  • 42% of Revenue from Email
  • 25% of Revenue from Automated Emails

Juiced Bikes: Helping transition the electric bike company off of Bronto, MuteSix migrated Juiced Bikes over to Klaviyo. The success was immediate with results as impressive as:

  • 4,918% Email Revenue Lift in July 2020
  • $1M Monthly Email Channel Revenue
  • 34% Email Attributed Revenue Average
Special thanks to our friends at MuteSix for their insights on this topic.
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