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Ratings & Reviews Snapshot: Toys

Ratings & Reviews Snapshot: Toys

Let’s say you’ve collected loads of great reviews, and they’re all on your website. That’s great if you’re a strictly D2C toy merchant. 

But, if you sell through more channels than just your website, then you need to make sure your reviews show up in all the places your customers are shopping, from Amazon to Target. 

This is where review syndication comes in. Your customers write a review once, and then — through the magic of UGC Syndication by PowerReviews — your review appears on multiple retail websites.

With syndication, one product review can easily turn into two, three, four, or more! When setting up review syndication, think about the retailers that are going to have the biggest impact for you — e.g. the highest traffic sites where you tend to make the most sales — as those are the ones where you’re going to enjoy the biggest returns.

Think about it this way: there is a huge amount of traffic on your biggest retailer sites – potentially many times more than your lower impact retailers. So it follows that you should focus on optimizing your presence there – both from a review volume and a review quality perspective – to ensure you stand out in an environment where competition is likely fierce.

Ready to have fun with reviews? Help consumers discover your toys with the power of ratings and reviews. Contact PowerReviews to learn more about how UGC can grow your business.

Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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