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Ready To Replatform? Here’s What The Experts Recommend.


Outgrowing your eCommerce platform is exciting. Your business is maturing, and you need a platform that’s able to not only handle your growth, but to scale with you as that growth continues.

However, replatforming, or moving from one technical system to another, can be a confusing process. While consolidating your tech stack in this way ultimately leads to more efficient, data-driven marketing efforts, the migration can feel like yet another project you’re tacking on to your already busy schedules.

“eCommerce has exploded over the past year and a half,” says Matt Zehner, CEO, Zehner. “The opportunity for growth in this channel has no limit right now, and a brand’s tech stack is the foundation that allows them to recognize this growth. The process to replatform is not always an easy one, but it’s one that is often inevitable at some point in a brand’s journey as they grow and mature.”

For brands in this growth stage, an easy-to-understand solution is key. We s …

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