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10 Reasons Packaging Is A Critical Factor For Brand Success

In a saturated marketplace, where dozens or even hundreds of brands are jostling to grab consumers' attention, companies must do all they can to appeal to their target audiences.

One of the main ways to appeal to consumers, especially those who shop in-store, is with excellent product packaging. Brands know they need to create packaging for their products, but some underestimate the power of packaging. 

From essential custom pouches to more intricate custom-printed bags, how products are presented on the shelf can significantly impact how well they sell or whether consumers will purchase a competitor's product. Packaging often serves as the first point of contact between your product and a potential customer. When packaging is done right, it creates a long-lasting positive impression that spells success for your brand.

1. Brand Identity

Product packaging is a core aspect of your brand's identity—it summarises your brand's ethos, values, and personality in a way that consumers can quickly digest. The colors, fonts, and other design elements on your packaging are just as crucial to your brand identity as your website. For example, one study found that paint alone can increase brand recognition by 80%.

But not just the colors, fonts, and other design elements that communicate your brand's identity. The packaging material also speaks volumes about your brand values. With many customers favoring sustainable items, opting for eco-friendly packaging solutions is a fantastic way to appeal to consumers keen to reduce their negative environmental impact.

Finally, consistency is vital when it comes to creating a solid brand identity through your packaging. Consumers will associate these elements with your brand if your entire product line's packaging uses the same colors, fonts, and graphics. But that's not all. A cohesive brand experience may also help to improve your bottom line, as one survey found that two-thirds of businesses say brand consistency has contributed to at least 10% revenue growth!

2. Visual Appeal

First impressions do matter, especially when it comes to product packaging! Yes, the product inside cases, but the visual appeal of your packaging holds a lot of weight with shoppers. Research reveals that the appearance of packaging has a massive impact on consumer buying decisions. For example, one study showed that 72% of American consumers say product packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. 

The product unboxing phenomenon that has swept social media in recent years reveals just how important the visual appeal of product packaging is. Videos on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube rack up millions of views and influence consumers' buying decisions. The bottom line is that fewer consumers will be interested in purchasing the product if the packaging isn't visually appealing.

3. Functionality

We've established that the appearance of packaging holds considerable weight with consumers. However, functionality is just as necessary. If your packaging is a treat for the eyes but isn't durable, your customers will quickly notice. 

Product packaging should be easy to transport, open, reseal, and dispose of when no longer needed. User-friendly features, such as tear strips and easy-pour spouts, give customers a better experience. Additionally, product packaging should be shock-absorbent and tamper-proof to ensure it arrives intact and undisturbed. 

4. Communicating Information

Product packaging must communicate essential Information about the contents inside and the brand to customers. But the key is to share Information in a way that doesn't sacrifice the packaging's visual appeal. The information on the packaging, such as product ingredients, safety warnings, and usage instructions, should be easy to read. 

According to one study, almost 60% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, and 56% of European consumers discover new products in-store. They probably aren't going to browse your brand's website before they make a purchase—all they have is the Information you've provided them on the packaging. 

5. Perceived Product Quality and Value

Perceived value is significant when it comes to packaging. It's simple—if your product is in packaging that consumers view as cheap, they will see it as affordable and not worth their hard-earned money. The same goes the other way around. If the packaging looks high-end, consumers will likely assume the product inside is good quality. 

This has a proven ripple effect. Customers are more likely to repurchase products they perceive as high-quality, thanks partly to the packaging. If they like the product enough, they may become brand advocates, sharing their appreciation for it with those around them. 

6. The Art of Sustainable Packaging

In product packaging, sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity. How often have we seen brands being scrutinized for their non-eco-friendly packaging? The art of sustainable packaging intertwines the brand’s responsibility towards the environment with its design philosophy. Imagine a package that, once its purpose is served, doesn’t end up in a landfill but instead takes on a new life, perhaps as a seedling starter or a reusable container. Isn’t a profound beauty in creating something that serves dual purposes – safeguarding the product and the planet? This is not merely packaging; it's a statement of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and a story waiting to be told and retold by every environmentally conscious consumer.

7. The Silent Salesman: Packaging that Speaks

Picture this: A customer walks into a store, and one package silently calls out to them amidst the sea of products. It doesn’t shout; it whispers through its meticulously chosen colors, fonts, and design elements, harmoniously singing the brand’s melody. This package is not just a container; it's a silent salesman, negotiating the brand’s value, quality, and ethos without uttering a single word. It communicates the unspoken, promising quality and an unparalleled experience. In a world bombarded with loud advertisements, isn’t there a serene effectiveness in a package that silently secures a spot in the customer’s cart?

8. The Unboxing Experience: A Journey of Joy

In the digital age, the unboxing experience has transcended beyond the mere act of revealing a product. It has become a journey, often shared with millions through social media, becoming a pivotal moment where first impressions can make or break customer loyalty. Imagine crafting an unboxing experience that is not just an act but a celebration of the product within. What if the packaging unfolds a story, layer by layer, enchanting the customer and making them a part of the brand’s narrative? This is not unboxing; it's a joyous journey meticulously crafted and narrated by the brand through its packaging.

9. The Ethical Choice: Packaging that Resonates Values

In a world striving for ethical consumerism, packaging becomes a beacon of a brand’s values and moral compass. Consider a brand that preaches ethical practices and embeds them into every fiber of its packaging. The materials chosen, the processes employed, and even the ink used for printing resonate with the brand’s ethical choices and sustainable practices. This packaging doesn’t just hold a product; it has the brand’s integrity, showcasing it transparently to every customer and making them conscious of a chain of ethical choices. Isn’t this a powerful way to build a community bound by shared values?

10. The Legacy Encased: Timeless Packaging Design

In the annals of product design, timeless packaging stands tall, often becoming collectibles and symbols of eras gone by. Imagine creating packaging that transcends its functional purpose and becomes a piece of art, a collector’s item, or perhaps a nostalgic symbol of times gone by. This is not merely a container; it's a legacy encased, waiting to be cherished by generations to come. In a transient world, doesn’t the idea of creating something timeless that holds memories and stories become a legacy in itself?

In Summary: How Packaging is Linked to Brand Success

Packaging is so much more than a simple container for your product. It's a vital component of brand success. Packaging is linked to brand success in several ways: it communicates Information, helps to form a brand identity, and influences perceived product quality and value. In summary, brands cannot afford to overlook the power of packaging over consumer decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of sustainable packaging?
Sustainable packaging minimizes waste, reduces the environmental impact, and resonates with the values of environmentally conscious consumers, enhancing the brand’s image and appeal.

How does packaging act as a silent salesman?
Packaging acts as a silent salesman by visually communicating the brand’s values, quality, and ethos to the consumer through its design, colors, and fonts, influencing purchasing decisions without a spoken word.

Why is the unboxing experience necessary for brands?
The unboxing experience is pivotal in creating first impressions and enhancing customer satisfaction. It has become a shareable moment on social media, providing brands with organic publicity and influencing potential buyers.

How does ethical packaging resonate with consumers?
Ethical packaging, which adheres to sustainable and morally conscious practices, resonates with consumers by transparently showcasing the brand’s values and making consumers a part of the honest consumption chain.

What makes packaging design timeless?
Timeless packaging design transcends its basic functionality, becoming a piece of art or a nostalgic symbol, often cherished as collectibles and remembered across generations, creating a legacy for the brand.

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