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Reasons To Use NodeJS For Ecommerce App Development

A woman holding up a sticker with the word "node" for ecommerce marketing.

Are you willing to up your eCommerce development game? Here’s a solution worth taking into account.

The javascript technology realm is getting bigger and better with Angular, Vuejs, NodeJS, Reactjs, and so forth. Well, speaking of the most prominent technologies, one name that comes to mind when we say using technology to build scalable and efficient REST APIs is Node.js technology. The following post focuses on NodeJS and why you might consider the Javascript framework for an upcoming eCommerce development project.

What is Nodejs?

If you ask me to define the Node.js tech stack, then I would say that Node Js is used to develop the backend; it is open-source javascript runtime that works successfully on the server side. In other words, here, Node developers no longer have to run the javascript code in the browser; they can directly execute on the computer with the help of the runtime. If you are craving the best cross-platform solution, then Node.js ecommerce must be considered.

Earlier, what used to happen was web applications, most of the time written in a client/server model. Web app development services played a crucial role in this process. Here the procedure was quite lengthy. The client-side would demand resources from the server, and the server would seamlessly respond with these resources. The server only responded when the client requested and closed the connection.

The pattern turns out to be quite efficient because every time, the server takes time. This process, though, comprises several limitations, and that’s when Node.js comes to the rescue. So what happens is as soon as the client requests from the client side of the app, the request is primarily sent to the server, and then more processing is done and later goes for validation of the client-side request. Today, more and more tech giant companies have started using the Node.js framework for developing video streaming sites, online chatting applications26 and many other applications.

It may quite interest you that Ryan Dahl was the mastermind behind the inception of the tech stack. His ultimate objective was to create a system to develop websites with real-time push capability. As a result, the event-driven paradigm became the heart of Node. Unlike earlier request/response” paradigms, developers can now work seamlessly.

Now there are a few myths about the Node.js frameworks. First and foremost, many of you have this misconception that Node.js is a framework; well, it is a server capable of executing javascript. Another myth of the Node.js framework is that the Node tech stack relies highly on Chrome engine V8 only, which is not the case. Node.js doesn’t support multi threads, whereas it does. Developers who have just begun their careers cannot work with Node, which is not the case! On the contrary, the truth is Node.js is open source and a cross-platform that assists well in providing asynchronous and event-driven APIs.

Enough said about Node.js, and now it’s time to consider eCommerce development.

Using Node.js in the eCommerce Web App Development Realm

Of course, I am pretty sure you must know what eCommerce or eCommerce apps are. Well, in simple words, it is a process of buying and selling goods online via a store. With the help of reliable technology, businesses develop eCommerce platforms to offer customers a wide range of options at quite a reasonable price. Today, more than 7,50,000 e-commerce companies are using reliable eCommerce platforms and technologies and have come up with successful solutions.

The future of eCommerce is pretty rosy. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2018 to 2025 to reach $24,265.12 billion by 2025. Now, what are the common challenges faced by eCommerce companies these days?

#1 Increasing expectations of customers – More and more retailers tend to create a sharp brand image that would result in an excellent experience for the end customers. Customer experience matters the most, whatever the business is, but eCommerce websites or online stores must be capable of meeting customer expectations. Say, for example, Amazon.

#2 Offer Personalized approach – Speaking more about enhancing customers’ experience, it is about creating an over-personalized experience. Here businesses must try to develop positive relationships and make them feel more and more valued.

Fortunately, to tackle all these aspects, businesses must start considering top-notch web apps built on the best technology. In short, consider Node.js development technology for their upcoming ecommerce web app development project. I am sure you must have heard about Magento and Shopify, but let me say that Node.js should be your first choice for developing high-performing eCommerce applications.

So what is Node.js eCommerce?

As mentioned above, eCommerce is all about buying and selling goods using the internet and Node.js, a JavaScript runtime based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine that ensures the creation of more effective and efficient web application development projects. Some features that make Node.js a cut above include cross-platform support, a smooth learning curve, 800 ready-made packages, high-end scalable and flexible solutions, etc. A successful Node.js eCommerce application is built using MEAN or MERN stack. 

  • MongoDB
  • Expressjs
  • Angular 
  • React js
  • Node js

In addition to these tech stacks, Node.js supports several microservice frameworks, such as Seneca. Using these microservices makes it possible to reduce the burden and break down the procedure of developing an ecommerce app into small services. Also, the architecture here is pretty easy to manage since it significantly reduces maintenance costs and frequent crashes.  

Moving on, time to spot the top reasons for using Node.js for your eCommerce app development Project

Why use Node.js for an eCommerce app Development Project?

To develop a successful online store in the ever-changing ecommerce market, you need to consider the top ecommerce platforms such as Node.js. The javascript runtime framework has the potential to work for both the front-end and back-end. It has already been proven that Node.js works wonders for chats and streaming mobile applications. Now it’s time to see how the framework assists in building ecommerce stores.

#1 Performance

Node.js is one of the best ecommerce app platforms that aces well when it comes to multitasking and high-end performance. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to obtain such fruitful results. For instance, you can use Node.js to create an ecommerce app featuring a wide range of features and functionalities regarding the basket or choose a different range of payment methods. If you are looking for a framework that can deal with other activities, tasks, and operations, then Node.js is an ideal platform for conducting the ecommerce app development process.

#2 Cross-platform Javascript Platform

One of the most significant benefits of using Node.js is that it acts well as a cross-platform development procedure. Most of the time, developers must have relevant knowledge of all the programming languages to code seamlessly. However, when it comes to Node.js, things are pretty much different. As mentioned earlier, Node.js ecommerce can work wonders for both client-side and server-side applications. More or less, this tech stack promotes code reusability again and again. As a result, it saves quite an ample amount of time and money.

#3 Large and active community of web developers

The following crucial reason to choose Node.js is that here you can receive assistance from the large and active community of web developers. In fact, not just in the ecommerce applications development realm but even outside, many web developers and programming experts are ready to develop websites using the particular javascript framework. Also, Node.js ecommerce is one such technology where changes keep happening now and then, and due to this, the development process becomes relatively more straightforward and faster. Also, if anyone gets in trouble or faces some new issue, they can always contact the large community of developers who can assist immediately.

#4 Cost-effective Solution

Another exciting benefit of using Node.js for your ecommerce development project is that you can find relevant solutions and that too within a short period. You see, an ecommerce app development project is not the only project you will handle in your entire life. It’s just a part of your business needs. So you cannot spend extravagantly now and then. So you need to consider an eCommerce platform that is also pretty cost-effective and assists you in developing an attractive, unique ecommerce website that is way affordable.

#5 Real-time communication

Real-time interaction is a must-have when developing an e-commerce store web or application. And you know what? Node.js is one web development framework that supports communication and ensures that clients can interact with your business efficiently.

Final Word

Node.js is not the best, but one of the most promising and prominent ones for creating e-commerce solutions, websites, and online stores. I hope you did find the following post meaningful. Though for using Node.js for an eCommerce development project, it is always advisable to hire a reputable company with the knack of offering the best possible solutions from their doorsteps. 

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