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ReCharge And Rep – Enabling D2C Subscriptions On Voice Assistants – Rep

ReCharge And Rep – Enabling D2C Subscriptions On Voice Assistants – Rep

The world is a busy place, and it isn’t getting any less hectic. Applications that reduce consumer stress and make life easier are central to the modern business strategy. The products and solutions that you offer to your customers have to speak to their needs and be tailored to their lifestyles. That means structuring your product offerings to alleviate customer worries. That’s the power of subscription-based services such as D2C subscriptions.  

Over the past decade, consumers have flocked to the subscription-based service model. According to Shopify, e-commerce subscriptions have grown at 5x the rate of the S&P 500 since 2012. By the middle of the decade, global e-commerce revenue is expected to top 247 billion dollars.

Subscription-based pricing models have made their way into every conceivable industry, from media to alcohol, to consumable goods. You can subscribe to a wine of the month club or a specific automobile manufacturer. The D2C subscription model has become a mainstay across all commerce channels, and it is driven by customer experience. Rep is proud to offer a new integration to their voice commerce platform that allows merchants to offer subscriptions on their storefront. Meet Rep with ReCharge integration.    


The Power of the D2C Subscription Model

Amazon has its Subscribe and Save program. Netflix has dominated the streaming market for years. Dollar Shave Club is synonymous with subscription services. Each company’s product speaks directly to convenience, ease-of-use, and worry-free shopping, but how do services like these create such a high level of value for their customers in the first place?

Direct-to-consumer subscription models provide value and convenience by:

  • Saving customers time
  • Potentially saving customers money (subscription discount)
  • Keeping customers supplied with the latest products and technology

The D2C subscription model offloads the time-consuming process of manual re-ordering from the customer through automation. Many subscription models offer a discounted price to end-users who enroll in their subscription program. For non-consumable product offerings, specifically, the tech and software industry where progress moves at the speed of light, subscriptions prevent consumers from being saddled with outdated products.

For e-commerce merchants, the impact of a subscription service is much more profound. Subscription services help increase each customer’s LTV (lifetime value). LTV is the amount of revenue you will generate throughout your relationship with the end-user. Providing convenience and a superior customer experience can help boost your LTV. Some sources say that even a minor tweak to the customer experience can result in a 95% increase in profits.

The bottom line? Subscriptions offer e-commerce merchants a very tangible reward.

E-commerce with Rep Along with D2C Subscriptions

Rep is an industry leader in the voice commerce arena. The Rep platform already delivers convenience and a range of time-saving amenities designed with both the customer and the e-commerce merchant in mind. It allows vendors to turn their e-commerce storefront into a voice-enabled sales channel via a custom-built Alexa skill. Rep integrates seamlessly with your existing web-based storefront to help you provide an augmented customer experience to end-users.  

Rep’s ease of use and convenience fit perfectly with the busy life of the average American consumer. Balancing work and family obligations during massive social change can be tricky and overwhelming. The Rep platform helps consumers multitask by harnessing the power of voice assistants like Alexa. Through Rep, they can shop their favorite brands and order essential products 100% hands-free. Because the Rep app pulls billing and shipping information directly from your Amazon account, the process is seamless, freeing end-users to take care of the people and tasks that matter most.


What is ReCharge?

Rep delivers convenience and peace of mind to the end-user and provides a high level of value to both the vendor and the consumer. Now, Rep is proud to announce its new integration with the ReCharge platform.

At its core, ReCharge is a service that helps e-commerce merchants transform their existing storefront into a subscription-based service. Vendors can download the ReCharge app from the Shopify store and enable it in their website architecture. The app integrates seamlessly with existing websites and is incredibly easy to set up. Vendors choose which items they want to offer on subscription, selecting from a wide range of shipping intervals. For example, you can offer customers a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual subscription alongside a one-time purchase option. The App even lets vendors offer variable discounts to end users that subscribe, much like Amazon Prime’s Subscribe and Save program.

ReCharge is built to help vendors facilitate long-term relationships with their customers. Integrating the app into your storefront provides a direct boost to customer LTV. Customers can effortlessly order their favorite products, drastically reducing churn and improving loyalty. The platform’s enhanced analytics helps you make important decisions, driving your e-commerce results.

When paired with voice commerce, however, ReCharge’s value grows exponentially. Voice-enabled subscriptions provide a customer experience perfectly suited to the current economic climate. Your customers order their favorite brands and items regularly with the power of their voice. Rep with ReCharge allows for a greater level of functionality, however. The ReCharge integration also allows end-users to track current orders including order status, shipping dates, and availability. It also lets them customize their subscription options completely hands-free while they multitask.

With Rep and ReCharge together, your online storefront becomes more dynamic, allowing customers to manage and track subscriptions while offering available discounts and suggesting additional items based on their preferences. ReCharge turns Alexa into a virtual sales assistant.  

An Expanding Suite of Integrations

Over the last few years, the voice channel has grown by leaps and bounds. The Rep platform has emerged as the preeminent voice commerce service. With a new and ever-expanding roster of integrated services like YotPo and Gorgias, Rep is a transformative package with the potential to turn a simple e-commerce storefront into a thriving, multi-channel enterprise.

We live in a sales environment where the customer has come to expect a superior experience from every company they do business with. With the new ReCharge integration, Rep helps you give your customers a way to manage their ongoing subscriptions.

For more information on Rep with ReCharge integration, or to view our full line of services please contact Rep today.

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This originally appeared on the Rep Blog and is available here for further discovery.
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