Recharge Changelog Recap: August 2022


August has been another great month of updates. As always, there is something for everyone. We have exciting feature announcements but also significant enhancements to our existing capabilities so your team can focus on your business. 

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Bundles is now generally available

We kick-started August by announcing that Bundles is now generally available to all merchants using Shopify. This was a very exciting announcement for us and we thank all the merchants that participated in our open beta for Bundles and helped us build a great offering.  

With Bundles you can:

  • Combine multiple SKUs into one product, saving customers time and effort through the value of your curation expertise
  • Offer pre-set or customizable bundles, with options to strategically discount pricing 
  • Allow your customers to adjust the items in their bundles after checkout via the customer portal, empowering them with ultimate order flexibility

You can learn all about Bundles in our announcement blog post

Note: Access to Bundles requires the Pro or Enterprise plan. 

Build your bundle with different options
Bundles allows you to offer customizable sets of products to your subscribers. 

Customer portal improvements for single payment methods

If your store uses a single payment method for your customer portal experience, then we have an update for you. The team at Recharge has made several enhancements to reduce support issues and provide customers with more self-serve tools. These updates include:

  • Automated prompt when changing shipping addresses to allow customers to change for multiple subscriptions instead of just a single subscription
  • New ‘payment methods’ page that consolidates all payment and billing information
  • Within this new page, customers have the ability to add, delete, or edit payment methods and their associated billing information
Payment methods in the customer portal
Enhancements have been made to the customer portal for those using single payment methods.

Not sure if your store supports single payment methods? Click here. 

Stability enhancements on Shopify checkout & pre-paids

Guided by merchant feedback, we’ve released a set of updates for merchants using our Shopify Checkout integration. 

These general stability improvements further enhance the customer experience by improving error mitigation. These changes enable improved stability in tasks—such as multiple customers attempting payments at the same time while a store is processing a large number of recurring orders.

We’ve also rolled out general stability improvements for pre-paids.

Novum 4.2.0 Theme Engine version now available

All merchants on the Recharge Pro and Enterprise plan now have access to v4.2.0 of the Novum theme within the Recharge Theme Engine. V4.2.0 is also the new default version for all new stores onboarding to Recharge.

What is included in this update?

  • UI improvements to Multiple Payment Methods
  • Setting updates in compliance with the Automatic Renewal Law
  • Support for the Bundles widget
  • Support for the ‘Force Shopify customer account logins’ feature 

Note: The new Novum theme requires the ‘multiple payment methods’ feature to be enabled for your store. To upgrade, contact our support team. 

Stay tuned  

Be on the lookout for more updates in the Changelog feed.

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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