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Recharge Changelog Recap: June 2022


We’re seeing a strong close to Q2 and have exciting new updates to share from our Changelog, a place where Recharge merchants can learn about new product features, releases, or enhancements in real-time. 

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Force Shopify customer account logins

Earlier this month, an enhanced security setting was made generally available for all of our Shopify merchants. The setting can be enabled to force customers to log in to their Shopify customer account prior to accessing any direct links to their subscription customer portal.

By default, our direct customer portal links are live for 24 hours; after that, a customer is prompted to log in. With the Force Shopify customer account logins setting enabled, customers will need to log in regardless of when the customer portal link was generated.

If you enable this feature, it is very important to verify that customer accounts in Shopify are set to optional or required before enabling. This is to ensure that customers aren’t sent through an endless loop of being prompted to log in without the ability to create an account.

Easily search & filter your customer list

The most recent update to the merchant portal means that you can now search your entire customer base by name, email, or phone number and get specific results in seconds. We’ve also added new filter criteria to your list of customers that allows you to narrow down your search results even further.

Cart attributes now supported with Shopify Checkout

All merchants using Recharge with the Shopify Checkout Integration (SCI) now have the ability to capture and manage cart attributes (also referred to as “order attributes”). 

Cart attributes are custom form fields that merchants can use to request a variety of information from customers during checkout. With Recharge, merchants can now view, add, or edit cart attributes in the Recharge merchant portal. These updated attributes will automatically sync with the subscription contract in Shopify and, therefore, with the future recurring orders. 

It’s important to know that to fully utilize this feature with Recharge, merchants must enable cart attributes in their Shopify storefront theme as well. 

Custom shipping rates for the Checkouts API resource

All merchants using the latest version of the Recharge Checkouts API resource now have access to all-new shipping rate capabilities that allow for more flexibility. 

With this update, merchants have the ability to retrieve shipping rates on the initial API request, add a list of custom shipping rates, use available shipping rates, or apply custom shipping rate options without needing to retrieve available rates.

Moreover, developers building custom checkout using the Recharge API can now build custom one-page checkout flows by submitting all the required checkout data in a single request, stack free shipping with another discount, and incorporate custom shipping rates into the checkout flow to increase checkout conversions.

New & improved Scenario Planning dashboard

All Recharge Pro and Enterprise-level merchants now have access to the updated Scenario Planning dashboard. This dashboard shows future projected data and allows merchants to create projection scenarios for both revenue and physical products to be sold. We’ve added new filters, additional metrics, and drilldown options that provide greater insight into processed or unrealized orders.

New tech partner launches

Recover Payments x Recharge

Recover Payments, powered by LTVPlus, helps merchants recover failed payments for subscription businesses. Their platform offers dedicated Failed Payment Recovery Specialists that will reach out to customers who have churned. This integration streamlines the recovery process, allowing merchants to recover up to 50% of monthly lost revenue while improving customer retention and overall customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Ohi x Recharge

Ohi is an instant commerce, fast delivery solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise ecommerce brands. Using data-driven inventory management technology and a robust microwarehouse platform, Ohi enables instant or scheduled deliveries for their customers. Ohi brand customers typically enjoy increased conversions, repeat purchase rates, and LTV, which can be further enhanced when paired with subscription orders.

Fomo x Recharge 

Fomo is a social proof marketing platform that helps increase conversions by displaying social proof messages via notification boxes or text placed strategically throughout the site. This builds credibility with prospective shoppers by showing off real-time customer activity such as purchases, reviews, signups, subscription creations, active visitors, and more. It creates the online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective shoppers that other people trust the business.

Recapture x Recharge

Recapture helps stores boost revenue by increasing customer retention and engagement, as well as driving initial and repeat purchases for subscription-based businesses. Recapture’s abandoned cart recovery for Recharge customers allows users to send targeted offers with higher save rates. Segmentation gives users the ability to identify low/high-value customers to offer discounts to maximize recovered cart revenues. Recapture also provides options for winbacks (bringing back subscribers who have left) and upsells through post-purchase emails to encourage customers to upgrade to subscriptions, helping stores obtain recurring revenue.

Govalo x Recharge

Govalo is a digital gifting app that allows Shopify merchants to offer digital gift options for subscriptions. Using the app, merchants can design a gift card experience that delivers personalization for customers. They can also offer giftable products and easily manage a clear store credit program.

Stay tuned  

Be on the lookout for more updates in the Changelog feed. We’re excited to keep sharing all of the great things we have in store!

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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