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Recharge Named One Of The Best Workplaces For Parents In 2022


Recharge is thrilled to be named on the Best Workplaces for Parents 2022 list! 

At Recharge, we know that parents’ number one priority is their kids, which is why we make it a priority to ensure our benefits support working parents. To that end, we offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave for all parents (moms, dads, adoptive), and we offer health insurance plans that cover 100% of premiums for our employees and their families. This is all in addition to our remote-first culture that fosters flexibility across the organization.

But don’t just take our word for it—here are five stories from Recharge team members about what it’s like being a parent at Recharge. 

Cedric Wilder, Designer 

When I started at Recharge, I was skeptical that the open PTO benefit would come with a heavy guilt-trip every time I needed to take time off, but that worry couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only are we allowed to take time off to spend with family, but we are encouraged to do it. Working at Recharge has made it so much easier to be present with my family because I’m not worried about work, and in turn it’s allowed me to contribute to my work in a more effective way.

Natasha Streit, Director of Field Marketing

Working at Recharge has been a breath of fresh air. I went from a 40 minute commute (before Covid) to working two minutes from my kids’ daycare. My team is located all over the United States but everyone’s time is respected. My earliest meeting is never before 9:30 AM and I rarely have a meeting go past 4:30 PM. This means that I have ample time in the morning to spend with my kids before dropping them off at school. When they get home, I get to be with them—fully—without any expectation of having to work during off hours. My children are 4 and 2 and are literally growing and changing every day—it’s so nice having the flexibility to be there for all their fun moments!

Jen Rico, Executive Assistant

I feel very lucky to work for a company that embraces being a parent. After the recent loss of the girls’ dad and becoming a single mother of 3, the amount of responsibility that has been placed on me has been manageable with the flexibility I have at work. Recharge embraces family time, PTO, and “turning off” which I can really appreciate so that I can focus on me and the kids when they need me most. Recharge understands and supports a healthy work-life balance. That is something that not only attracted me to Recharge, but one that will keep me here for many years to come. 

Rodolfo Yiu, Director of Demand Generation

Recharge has helped me tremendously as a new parent to get through the first couple of years of parenting. Truth be told, until I became a parent, I did not realize how important flexible hours, open PTO, and health benefits are. Recharge allows me to find the harmony between my personal and professional lives at my own pace, and helps me to become a better parent and a leader for the team.

Callie Hawley, Senior Manager, Content Marketing

I never knew how valuable working for a fully remote company would be, until I experienced it as a parent. When I first started at Recharge, I was a mom of one, dealing with the challenges of the pandemic, daycare, and the inevitability of having a sick kiddo at home. I never once felt like I couldn’t be a mom first, and in fact, Recharge continued to enforce that “life comes first.”

Fast forward to getting pregnant with my second child while at Recharge. The parental leave and support from my team and leadership was the best I’ve experienced. I knew coming back from leave that I’d have support both for ramping back into my role, but also for this new life change that my family was experiencing. 

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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