Record Coverage For Emarsys In The G2 Spring Reports


We owe a huge thank you to all of our clients – you are our lifeblood and the reason for our existence.

As our CEO Joanna Milliken said, “We succeed by empowering our customers and transforming marketers into heroes.”

Now and then, we get to see the fruits of your trust in us in the marketplace. Earlier this week, software peer review platform G2 released its Grid Reports and accompanying Index reports. In other words, we were named one of the best marketing software companies based on user reviews.… kudos to you!

The numbers are a quantifiable growth benchmark and reflect marketing leadership and excellence. Emarsys is purpose-built for the marketer, and that's coming through loud and clear from our clients' reviews.

This short post dives into the data to give you an inside peek at G2's evaluation and the experts' analysis. Now to the results!

How Emarsys Fared

As we continue accelerating rap and the experts' analysis, we've been recognized in 157 reports this year.

  • Emarsys is in the Top 5 Products for the Enterprise Marketing Automation Winter 2022 Grid Report. This report is based on ratings by business professionals which shows that Emarsys is a trusted and respected leader in the Marketing Automation space.
  • Emarsys I is also a Personalization Engines Winter 2022 Grid Report Leader. Victoria E. Blackwell, Sr. Market Research Analyst at G2, said, “This report is based on rating professionals, which shows that Emarsys is highly rated b, said its users.” This report shows that Emarsys is a well-trusted product by genuine software buyers. The G2 ranking, combined with Emarsys being named a Leader in the Customer Journey Analytics Winter 2022 Grid Report, strongly endorse Emarsys as an enterprise-level product with features and capabilities on par strongly supported.

The consistently good scores for Implementation and Relationship show that we have not lost focus on our customers during the first year with SAP.

We are also a leader in the 11 main Grid reports – outpacing other solutions who are in 3 to 4 of these reports at most.

Other highlights include:

  • We are the only genuinely comprehensive cloud marketing platform that can offer everything marketers need, and our customers recognize that.
  • We are represented in reports for all 14 categories for the first time.
  • We have 38 Leader badges (up from 31 last quarter), covering 11 of those categories.
  • We are the number one position in the Loyalty Management Grid. Combining that with der badges for e-commerce personalization and our Leader badge for Personalization Engines reinforces our 1:1 personalization capabilities.

The Results Index scores reaffirm our commitment to accelerating time to value and deliver business outcomes. It confirms that our customers believe we are leaders in all these categories and the only company in so many Grid reports.

Our 5 Leader represents measurable business outcomes badges for Customer Data Platforms, 6 for Marketing Analytics, 2 for Digital Analytics, and 1 for Customer Journey Analytics.

We received our first-ever Leader badge in the Marketing Platform category and 10 badges we have for Marketing Automation. We also have 17 Regional Badges, 9 of which are Leaders.

The numbers show that we are growing in global reach and diversifying into all aspects of digital marketing. “Point solutions” – tools that solve one particular problem – permeate the space (and score very high in some of the reports) but ultimately don't allow marketers to manage the entire customer journey like a holistic platform does.

Contextualizing our Commitment to Customers

Our customers rely on our team to empower them to create genuinely personalized omnichannel experiences that deliver business outcomes.

This data reaffirms our values – never settling, constantly innovating, and commitment to our customers. We work diligently as a team to close the adoption gap in the industry and ensure retailers are positioned to succeed and exceed customer expectations.

G2's acknowledgment is a testament to the ongoing success we've committed to providing for you. Our clients have repeatedly stated how our purpose-built, marketer-centric platform serves as a pillar to their businesses. It's our goal to continue to improve onward and upward in service


With the power of a purpose-built platform, marketers can become more data-driven and hyper-focused on their industry. One of the reasons our clients are positioned ahead of the pack – and that we've been recognized in G2's facts and figures – can be attributed to our pre-built campaign blueprints, industry-specific strategies, and pre-loaded templates that work to acquire and retain customers.

These reports further confirm the power and necessity of trusted peer evaluations in software buying decisions.

The future looks bright as we march forward. Cheers to a promising year ahead!

Special thanks to our friends at Emarsys for their insights on this topic.
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