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Redefining Customer Satisfaction & The Sales Approach—One Call At A Time


Remember how you felt the last time a new colleague remembered your partner’s name or paid for your coffee? How about when someone complimented a presentation you gave or the last time your manager gave you a company-wide shoutout on your performance?

No matter how small these moments may seem, they can make a major impact on your overall day—especially when they happen at work. 

Since we’re still in the early days of 2022, now’s the time to create real, lasting change in our organizations. So what if we focused our energy on infusing satisfaction into our workplace interactions and customer experiences? 

It’s key to provide genuine, simple moments of customer satisfaction through gratitude, celebration, and real human connection.  To ensure this spreads to your teams, too, we’re sharing the processes and set-ups that will have your customers singing your praises.

And it all starts with technology, which is here to elevate the work of thousands of sales and support teams through their most valued tool: the phone. That, coupled with more than 100 integrations we offer, streamlines the overall customer experience and brings you a step closer to reaching your goals. 

Why Now?

We know the impact redefining customer satisfaction can have. It goes beyond benefitting your customers—it benefits your team too.

“Customers are the life-source of a business. The moment we lose sight of the customers’ needs, wants, pain points, and objectives is the moment we fail. Listening and learning from our customers is the greatest gift. This relationship is a privilege and the making of long-term success—everybody wins,” says Madelyn Deprey, Senior Director of Customer Success for North America.

Redefining customer satisfaction is paramount to building resilient and compassionate teams. By redefining sales approaches to match, team members feel cared for and they pass that on to your customers. It’s a full-circle experience. 

When you take the time to redefine the customer experience and the sales process, you’re able to set your teams up for success. That’s why we created deep dives, must-have templates, and additional resources to help you get there.

These include:

  • Our free guides filled with tried-and-tested strategies:
    • Redefining the Sales Approach
    • Our Guide to Redefining Customer Satisfaction

Read More About How Aircall Is Redefining Customer Satisfaction & the Sales Approach.

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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