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Reports Feature Is Now Available on PushOwl Beta!

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We recently launched the Reports feature on our dashboard. This will help merchants understand how their web push marketing performs and use this data to optimize their strategy.

The Reports feature is currently only available for merchants on the PushOwl Enterprise plan.

How the Reports Feature Looks

Here’s how your web push reporting would look:


Why a closed beta?

When developing features, it’s crucial to ensure that we’ve addressed the different needs that our merchants have. We want to ensure that your web push analytics are easy to use and cater to the different requirements you may have. With a beta launch, we can allow merchants like you to test out the feature and provide feedback to us which we can use to tweak and improve the feature.

This way, we can move fast, iterate regularly, and ensure we don’t miss out on delivering a solution that meets your satisfaction.

If you join our beta launch for this feature, you can test out how to generate and receive web push reports. How you view data within different parts of the PushOwl dashboard will remain the same. 

Roadmap to PushOwl’s Reports Feature

We know that data is at the very heart of every digital marketer. So naturally, you also want to have an easy and convenient way to access your PushOwl data!

We have previously experimented with external data tools to provide our merchants (like you!) with regular reports about their PushOwl performance. Recently, we have developed our own reporting tool which allows you to create and receive reports. 

With this, you can set up specific reports that are sent to you based on the preferences you’ve set— whether you want the reports to be sent every week or want a specific type of report sent once.

How can I join the beta? 

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining and helping us to build and improve this feature! Message our customer support team at support@pushowl.com and you will be added to the beta in no time!


Felix Süllwold

Felix is taking care of partnerships at PushOwl. If you scrolled down this far, you should probably sign up for the partner program: pushowl.com/partners.
He lives by the motto “Don't follow your dreams, follow us on Instagram: @pushowl”

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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