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Rep’s Partnership With Amazon Pay: The Future Of Voice Commerce – Rep

Rep’s Partnership With Amazon Pay: The Future Of Voice Commerce – Rep

Emerging voice commerce technology is bringing sweeping change to the retail industry worldwide. Virtual assistants such as Siri, Google, and Amazon’s Alexa have opened up new sales channels driven by consumer convenience. While still in its infancy, this new voice commerce channel has already had a major impact. Already, roughly 25% of U.S. adults now own at least one smart speaker, and 40% of smart speaker owners have used them to shop. Strategy consultants OC&C expect annual revenue from voice shopping to reach more than $40 billion by 2022.

Just like mobile commerce and e-commerce before that, voice commerce is on the bleeding edge of a new wave in retail innovation. Retailers that get in on the ground floor can look forward to a significant increase in their revenue. If you’re wondering how to set up your own voice storefront, there’s never been a better time. Through Rep’s partnership with Amazon Pay, we’ve made it easy for any retailer, regardless of size, to break ground on the voice commerce channel.  

Rep and Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is Amazon’s secure and proprietary payment processing service. Amazon Pay functions very similarly to PayPal’s service; it allows users to store funds or bank information and quickly and easily pay for goods and services at participating retailers.

Rep is a SaaS platform that uses AI to help retailers and e-commerce merchants set up their very own voice commerce sales channel. Our platform provides the end-user with a fully-realized virtual shopping assistant that can facilitate the entire purchase from start to finish.

We are proud to partner with Amazon Pay, helping merchants to provide an even faster and easier customer experience.  As a merchant, Rep with Amazon Pay is built on a seamless customer checkout experience.

Rep with Amazon Pay in Action

The partnership between our Rep platform and Amazon Pay is driven by a seamless customer experience. Setting up a voice commerce storefront for your business is easy; the customer experience is just as simple.

All your customers have to do is ask Alexa, using their phone or home speaker device, to open your store. From there, Rep takes over, walking the customer through sales and purchasing options in a dynamic and conversational manner. Customers can browse through categories, get product info, or carry out repeat orders easily. The Amazon Pay functionality comes into play at checkout.

Your customers can browse your voice storefront hands-free and with ease. All they have to do is make their product choices. Shipping and payment information is pulled directly from their Amazon Pay account at checkout, meaning they don’t have to take any additional steps to complete the transaction. There is no additional burden on the customer and no payment information to set up. All a customer has to do is say the word and the transaction is completed using their Amazon Pay account. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Setting up Your Own Branded Voice Store

The Rep platform is built with you, the merchant, and ultimately your customers in mind. Setting up your own voice commerce storefront with integrated Amazon Pay is a simple process. No advanced coding or tech knowledge is required. After signing up for an account, Rep does all the heavy lifting for you. Our SaaS platform turns your existing e-commerce site into a branded storefront in just a few simple clicks!

To initiate set up with your Amazon Pay account, all you have to do is sign in to your Rep dashboard. From there, you can enter your Amazon Pay account information. Our platform takes care of the rest.

Our AI creates a custom Alexa skill complete with adaptive and conversational responses tailored toward your particular storefront. To complete the process, you simply return to the Amazon Pay Seller Central dashboard and activate the new, custom skill. Our platform offers convenience and ease of use for you as a merchant and your respective customers.  

The Advantages of Rep with Amazon Pay

Going into 2020, it’s estimated that nearly 30% of searches will be screenless. Over the last half a decade, voice searches have done nothing but gain in popularity and market share. Now, voice speakers and their capabilities are leaving infancy and entering their adolescence. Our partnership with Amazon Pay is helping to transform virtual assistants like Alexa from a simple home manager that turns your lights on and off into a true virtual assistant capable of growing your business.  But why Amazon Pay? Below are the prime advantages of using Rep’s integrated Amazon Pay service.

Additive Business

If history is any indication, voice commerce is more than just a temporary trend. With each new sales channel that’s emerged over the last 30 years, traditional operations have grown rather than being subsumed by new technologies. The brick and mortar experience was augmented by e-commerce, and e-commerce was augmented by mobile commerce. Voice commerce is now poised to help augment mobile, creating an entirely new and untapped channel for your business to sell within. By using Amazon Pay, you’ll provide customers an easy on-ramp to help them adopt the technology.

Customer Ease

Enriching your customers’ experience is of course the biggest benefit of using Rep with Amazon Pay. Voice commerce provides customers with an easy-to-use shopping alternative that fits neatly into almost any lifestyle. And the better your customer’s experience is, the more loyal they will be. The ease and convenience of the checkout experience enabled by our partnership with Amazon Pay will keep your customers engaged with your brand. By using Amazon Pay in your branded voice store, you reduce the time your customers spend in the checkout process. The ease and speed of a ready-made payment option bolsters the customer experience and ultimately keeps them coming back to your brand.

The Security of Amazon

Amazon is the biggest name in e-commerce. With that reputation comes customer safety and security. That’s why people trust their Amazon Pay account and are accustomed to using it to make purchases. Using Amazon Pay with your branded voice store gives your customers the peace of mind that their transactions won’t just be easy, they’ll also be secure.

A Whole New Market

The retail world stands at a point of radical and exciting transformation, due in great part to voice commerce. Rep is proud to partner with Amazon Pay to provide you with even more ways to get your products in your customers’ hands. If you’re ready to open up a whole new market beyond e-commerce, Rep can help. Please contact us today for a free demo of our platform.

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This originally appeared on the Rep Blog and is available here for further discovery.
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