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A Sweet Tool For Video Editing: A Review Of Video Candy

A screenshot of the online video editing tool Video Candy.

Video Candy is an innovative online platform that allows teachers and educators to create interactive, fun, engaging video lessons for their students. 

With a wide range of tools available, users can perform any task they need: record their screen, merge videos with images, trim, crop, rotate and resize videos, and even create interactive slideshows. 

The videos created on Video Candy are available for 2 hours and can be shared by URL. This makes it a breeze to share content across multiple devices and platforms (such as computers, phones, and tablets). This allows students, teachers, and other users to access video files on any OS.

Online tools to edit videos

With Video Candy, users can take their videos to the next level by fine-tuning, adding transitions, and customizing them with its unique set of tools:

Video Editor

Online video editor combines most of the other tools available on the platform. The service allows you to perform all the operations you may need: rotate, flip scenes, change the video ratio, add black or blurred bars, change the video speed, extract or remove any desired segment, crop the video, and more,

Video compressor

When your video file size is too large, you may need to compress it. Just upload the file; the service will reduce its size without changing the format.

Video Trimmer

Ever need to remove a segment or trim the video to a particular length – this tool is for you. Select the mode, enter the beginning and end time in the appropriate windows, and export the video. Alternatively, you can move the markers on the timeline and preview the result in the player. 

Combine Videos

The easiest way to merge several videos into one. In addition to video, you can combine images and even GIF files. Set the output video ratio, adjust the bars, and you are ready. 

Crop video

Crop videos of MP4 and other formats with intuitive controls. Adjust the crop area manually or enter the desired pixel values.

Video resizer

Change the size of your video for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Select the needed aspect ratio and enter the desired width and height. No watermark.

Online screen recorder

Record your screen activity online. Capture the entire screen, a particular program, or your browser tab. Set the microphone, audio, or webcam to be recorded.

Add music

Add your favorite music to give an emotion or mood to video clips while muting or leaving the original soundtrack. Create amazing videos and connect the viewer to a particular message.

Change video speed

Speed up your videos to reduce file size, adjust the pacing of a video to fit the presented content better, or remove uninteresting or unimportant parts from a video quickly without having to edit it manually. Alternatively, slow down the tape so viewers can better understand it and track any fast-moving objects.

Mute video

Remove any sounds or music from the video in one click. Avoid copyright infringement if video music or sound effects are copyrighted.

Slideshow maker

Make a slideshow with music for free. Combine your videos and photos into one beautiful project.

Reverse video

Need to play your video backward? This tool allows you to reverse videos in two clicks. Create unique and exciting clips that will stand out from the crowd. 

Rotate video

Need to change the orientation of your video? Just upload the video, make one or two clicks, and you're done. Avoid accidentally viewing or playing it upside down or sideways. 

Video loop

Repeat your video several times, or create an infinite GIF image. This will allow people to focus on the content and stay immersed in what the video is trying to convey.

Flip video

You can flip videos horizontally or vertically to add interest and variety to your projects. Converting a video also has practical uses, such as changing the orientation of footage if it was shot in portrait mode or making text readable if it was shot upside down.

Stop motion

You can turn your video into a stop-motion animation by selecting the right speed and freeze-frame duration. Perfect for making funny videos with cats, dogs, or other pets.

Video Converter

Convert any video file to another format – MP4, WebM, MKV, etc. Extract the soundtrack from your videos in MP3 format and even create GIFs. Just upload the file and select the desired format – it's that simple.

Audio Converter

Need to extract the soundtrack from a video in a specific format or convert your favorite music to a more popular file type? This tool will be your best friend. Could you upload the file and select the form, please? There's no need for anything else.

Who can benefit from Video Candy?

Video Candy is an excellent online service for everyone looking to add sparkle to their video projects. Whether you're a video editor, a motion designer, a content creator, or just someone looking to adjust your video, Video Candy's tools can help you to take your media projects to the next level.

The ease of use of this platform means that you don't need to be an experienced motion graphics artist to start using it. In fact, it requires no special technical skills or prior knowledge, so anyone can dive right in and start editing their videos with a simple yet effective set of tools.

For filmmakers and videographers looking to impress with their effects and animations, Video Candy could be the perfect tool for simple tasks like compressing, merging, resizing, converting, etc., their stunning video montages. 


If you're looking for a reliable, affordable, and, most importantly, user-friendly service for making memorable and compelling videos, then Video Candy is the perfect choice. Here are some of the benefits of using this online platform:

– No watermark on output videos;

– Straightforward interface that makes it easy to find tools and edit files;

– Set of one-click tools for editing video files;

– A reliable customer support team to answer any questions you may have;

– Integration with other video creation tools;

– Time-saving/cost-effective editing services; 

– Flexible subscription plans to suit all budgets; 

– Secure payment gateway for purchasing services and subscriptions.

Final Words

In conclusion, Video Candy is an excellent online service for creating slideshows, merging and editing videos, and capturing your screen. This guide has outlined all the tools this service offers, from an all-in-one video editor to an audio converter. Knowing how to make the most of these features will enable you to create engaging and visually appealing videos with every edit. Thanks to helpful tools, tips, and how-to's in the Blog section, anyone can become a video editor!

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