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Reviewers Can Add Review Videos From Youtube


Your customers want to add Youtube videos to their reviews on your store? It may be troublesome to download that video and re-upload it from their computer, especially if the video is long. No worries! Now your reviewers can easily add Youtube videos to their reviews, just by inputting the links.

First, make sure that you have enabled the Review Photos and Videos in Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body following this guide.

After you enable the review photos and videos, reviewers will see the section in the review form where they can upload photos/videos.

1. On the storefront widgets

If reviewers submit reviews from the storefront widgets (Review Widget, All Reviews Page, and Floating Reviews Tab), they can see the option to submit review videos right above the “Submit” button. They just need to input the Youtube link, then the video will be displayed along with the reviews.

2. On the picture-first email templates

If reviewers submit reviews from a review request email using a picture-first email template, or a Star block in the custom email template, they will see a review pop-up form asking for photos/videos prior to the reviews.

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