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Reviewers Can Automatically Display Profile Image From Facebook, Google Or Gravatar


Reviewers on can display a profile image on their public recommendations page (a dedicated page for them to share their product experiences), or on a store’s Review Widget when they submit a review. There are two ways they can choose their profile image:

  1. Automatically display the profile image from Facebook, Google or Gravatar accounts
  2. Upload their own profile image in reviewer profile settings

1- Display reviewer profile image on public recommendations page

By default, will sync the profile image from Facebook, Google, or Gravatar to the reviewers’ public recommendations page (if the profile image is available). If reviewers upload their own profile image in settings, we’ll prioritize this image over any other images. In particular, reviewer profile image will be displayed based on this order of preference:

  • Uploaded profile image
  • Facebook/Google profile image
  • Gravatar profile image

2- Display reviewer profile image on a store’s Review Widget

When reviewers submit a review on a store’s Review Widget, they can choose to display or hide their profile image. By default, the profile image will be hidden.

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To display it, they can go to Edit Profile in their profile settings, then toggle the bar next to their profile image to the “on” status.

*Note: reviewer profile image will only appear in reviews when they display their name as John Smith or John S. If they choose to display their name as J.S or Anonymous, their profile image will be hidden as well.

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If reviewers choose to display their profile image, the image will appear on these places:

1. In the reviews that they submitted on a store’s Review Widget

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2. In the reviews that they submitted on the review site

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3. On the header when they log in to their profile

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Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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