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Rewind Earns Trust of Popular Ecommerce Agency


This means Shopify will take every initiative to ensure their product is always working. However, individual stores are on the hook for saving images, product descriptions, pages, customer lists, themes, menu navigation, and much more.

According to a recent survey conducted by Rewind, one in four ecommerce merchants have had data or content go missing from their store. Merchants may spend up to several days trying to restore everything, resulting in lost sales, a damaged SEO ranking, and a tarnished brand reputation.

Many agencies see this scenario play out time and time again. Alt & Dot are no different. “One client inadvertently deleted all of their product photos with a CSV import gone wrong,” says Emily, “We also had a client who had an app installed, that was making changes to product templates behind the scenes. And we couldn’t figure out why this template kept changing. It wasn’t a human that was doing it.”

Having such a close relationship with clients, Alt & Dot were compelled to find a solution which would protect everyone’s data. Their search led them to Rewind. Now Emily says they recommend Rewind to the majority of clients they work with.

We pitch Rewind if a merchant has a lot of people in the back end or a lot of people touching things. This provides security and peace of mind that they can restore data if something goes wrong.”

This article originally appeared in the blog and has been published here with permission.

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