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Route Nourishes Growth For Wellbel

A group of people in a meeting room nourishes growth as they write on a board.

In 2020, Harvard-trained physician Dr. Dan Yadegar’s sisters approached him with a problem.

They were experiencing struggles with hair loss. “In searching for the ideal hair, skin & nail supplement, I could not find a formulation I trusted. As a functional medicine doctor, this became personal after pouring over the products on the market and seeing the questionable ingredients.”

Motivated by his siblings’ hair challenges, Dr. Dan’s passion project quickly evolved into a one-of-a-kind wellness journey. The result? Wellbel.

Wellbel’s physician-formulated vegan hair supplements nourish thinning hair and support healthy growth.

Co-founder Stacy Kestin recalls that “when Dr. Dan was researching and seeing the harmful filler ingredients and the biotin overload in the market, we realized there was a real need for a supplement which was vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, had no artificial colors, and most importantly was made with ingredients which nourish us from within.”

Buyers agree.

“With Route, there’s only upside. They’re going to save you money. They’re going to save you time. When customers are happy with our community experience, they continue to spread that word.”

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In just three years after launching Wellbel, the brand has built a community of thousands of die-hard fans, including Elsa Hosk and Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat.

And community is everything to Kestin and the Wellbel team. “It means truly caring, respectful, listening, and wanting to understand.” This approach has served them well, significantly contributing to their high repeat customer rate.

When customers contact the team at Wellbel with a question or a problem, they stop at nothing to make it right. “We talk with every person – even as we’ve grown 1500%. It doesn’t matter. There’s not a person that we won’t speak to. We get right on with them if they reach out with any worry or concern. We listen, we make sure they feel heard, and we either have a solution, or we refund.”

The ethos of Wellbel has always revolved around a genuine passion for wellness and the cultivation of trust within its community. But as the company scaled, they knew they needed a partner they could turn to to extend their ethos and improve profitability, reducing their customer support backlog and sunken costs of replacing or refunding orders due to lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

That’s when they turned to Route.

Meet Daniel Yadegar, MD - CanvasRebel Magazine

“When you grow as fast as we have, Route helps us refund and reorder with scalability. Route has been one of the most successful programs we’ve brought to Wellbel on many levels. It’s efficient. It’s seamless. It’s supportive. It meets every need of our community because we don’t have to handle customer issues one-on-one. That’s critical when you’re growing as quickly as we are.”

Route allows Wellbel to continue building relationships within their community by offloading support tickets and claims related to lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Additionally, the Wellbel team leverages Route’s integration with Recharge to ensure that when their customers subscribe to their supplement plans, every shipment is protected by Route.

Diana Yadegar, Co-Founder of Wellbel, said, “It’s truly a joy teaming up with a company whose values align seamlessly with ours, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Working with Route has been a breeze – the integration is seamless, and their support is always there when we need it!” Kestin agrees.

“With Route, there’s only upside. They’re going to save you money. They’re going to save you time. When customers are happy with how our community experience is going, they continue to spread that word. [Package issues] may seem like a back-end problem, but it bleeds into the front end. When we run our business well, and Route is a part of our business, because of that community experience that Route affords us, customers feel heard, are satisfied and appreciative, and spread that word.” 

If you want to grow your business efficiently, without costing you money, and with excellent service, then why not use Route?

This originally appeared on Route and is available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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