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The Impact Of Sales Speakers: Maximizing Profit And Surpassing Targets

A sales speaker presenting to a group of people.

Achieving sales goals is crucial for any business. For your business to thrive, it must generate a profit. This means that meeting your monthly sales targets is essential.

Is your business struggling with sales? How can you improve your current sales figures? Then sales speakers will be able to help you. 

You’ll need to have effective branding and marketing strategies to reach your sales targets. You should also be able to talk with potential customers about why they should choose your products or services over others. A lot goes into creating a good sales strategy beyond simply offering quality products or services. A sales speaker can teach you everything you need to know about reaching your sales targets and even surpassing them. 

Who Is A Sales Speaker? 

 A sales speaker provides the audience with valuable and critical information on improving their sales figures. They offer sales training and teach the audience how to improve customer service. They also provide essential information on how businesses can improve their marketing and customer persuasion strategies. 

With the help of a sales speaker, you’ll be able to learn negotiation and closing techniques, sales strategies, information on reaching sales goals, and more. By the end of the session, you’ll know where you can improve your current sales strategy. You’ll also learn how to set sales targets and how you can create actionable goals that help you reach your sales targets. If you’re looking for sales speakers, consider speakers from Speaker Agency. Here are some sales speakers you might consider booking for your next event. 

Sales Speakers for Your Next Event 

How do you find a sales speaker for your next event? Here are four speakers for you to consider: 

1. Daphne Costa Lopes

Daphne is the Head of Customer Success and the UKI at HubSpot. Her primary focus is on customers, and she can provide the audience with important information on customer persuasion. She aims to break the boundaries that organizations operate within, opting for innovation in products, services, sales, and marketing. 

She aims to innovate across these areas to improve and elevate the customer’s experience. She has worked as a CX advisor for various tech start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and scale-ups. She has built teams for CX and GTM and helped businesses develop a ‘customer first’ approach. 

She specializes in helping businesses reinvent their customer journeys to deliver better value to the customers. She is also the host of a podcast called ‘This Is Growth!’. Previously, she has been a speaker at conferences such as Pulse and Leap and The Customer Conference. She has an MSc in Product Management and has also written articles on customer success. She has written about how machine learning can be applied to improve customer success and how to achieve customer success during financially unstable times. 

As a keynote speaker, she has spoken about how customer success is essential for durable and sustainable business growth. She has spoken on improving NRR by focusing on customer outcomes, artificial intelligence, and automation and how they link to CX’s future. If you want a sales speaker who offers customer-focused strategies, then Daphne could be the speaker you’re looking for. 

2. Dominic Colenso 

Dominic is an actor, an author, as well as a communications expert. He has flown on a spaceship, lost over a million dollars, and been fired by none other than Simon Cowell. All this happened by the time he turned 26. Since then, he has gone on to work as a theater director as well as a teacher for the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art. 

He currently helps businesses empower themselves. He helps sales teams and business leaders improve communication strategies and work better under pressure. He draws on his experience as an actor to help people learn how to communicate more effectively. He helps businesses learn secret tools and techniques used by established actors to perform better at work. 

He is also a good storyteller and knows how to take the stage at his events. He is best known for working with businesses in the tech and financial sectors. He helps them build grand sales narratives and helps business leaders empower themselves. As a keynote speaker, he has spoken on sales, playing the leading role and leadership, selling through the lens, getting the show on the road, and more. Want a sales speaker who focuses on effective communication? Then Dominic could be the ideal speaker for your event. 

3. Tom Chapman Obe

Tom is the co-founder of Matches Fashion. He is also an entrepreneur and an investor at the Chapman Family Office. He is known for founding, scaling, and investing in tech-driven startups. He specializes in logistics, fashion, financial services, and healthcare. 

He and his wife turned Matches Fashion into a leading global luxury retailer. In 2017, the business was sold for over $ 1 billion. Since then, Tom has focused on investing in startups that use technology to improve their business. He helps brands build relationships with their customers, both in the physical world and digitally. He also emphasizes the environmental impacts of companies, social responsibility, and inclusiveness. 

As a keynote speaker, he has spoken on fashion, financial services, investment strategies, technology, logistics, and more. Book Tom if you want your audience to learn everything there is to know about boosting their sales. 

3. Will Higham 

Will is a behavioral futurist, an author, and the founder of Next Big Thing. He helps brands not just anticipate but also monetize the needs of the customers. He helps brands learn about customer expectations as well as their behavior. Next Big Thing is his strategic consultancy business, whose clients include Amazon, Walt Disney, BBC, Phillips, and more. 

He has also authored handbooks for trend strategists. Previously, he has spoken at events for the media, brands, and industries, including everything from The Financial Times to FHM. He has also appeared on TV shows, such as CNBC and BBC. As a keynote speaker, he has spoken on customers and tomorrow’s technology, how to win customer loyalty, why consumer trends matter to businesses, and more. 

Booking a Sales Speaker from Speaker Agency 

Those interested in booking one of the sales speakers can follow several procedures. They can either send an email or reach out via the provided contact number. Another option is to directly navigate to the profile page of the desired sales speaker and click on ‘enquire.’

Speaker Agency warmly invites inquiries for sales speakers and experts in various other fields. Don’t hesitate to connect with Speaker Agency today.

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