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Save Your Marketing Team Hundreds Of Hours With These 4 Time-Saving Tips From The Emarsys Summer Release 2021


During the pandemic, marketers played a critical role in the success of your business. Even with lower budgets and fewer resources, you still managed to drive customer lifetime value

After seeing how leaner marketing departments can improve bottom-line results, businesses now want more. With your marketing team running lean, and in many instances without the support of an agency, you are probably tasked with increasing revenue at a pace that exceeds your resources. 

Thankfully the Emarsys Summer Release 2021 has many new features and enhancements to give more power to marketers and help you save loads of time so you can focus on improving revenue and retention, while meeting or even exceeding your company’s goal.

More Time for You and Your Marketing Team

With this release, we wanted to make your life easier as a marketer, even with fewer resources. The latest features within the Emarsys Summer Release 2021 can save brands upwards of 35 days!

As a marketer, anything you can do to gain more time will help you succeed. With more time on your hands, you will be able to accomplish more and respond to changing customer expectations better.

In addition, we know that our clients use Emarsys campaigns to generate revenue, and our goal is to see the revenue of your brand increase as you leverage these features and enhancements. 

Here are some of the time-saving features you’ll find in this latest release.

Save 89 minutes with this update

Automation campaign distribution Emarsys Summer Release 2021

Another feature that saves your team massive amounts of time is this update to Automation Campaign Distribution. Previously, creating these campaigns manually within each sub-account could take upwards of 90 minutes. But now, this only takes your team one minute to do the exact same thing.

How would you like to save 58 minutes?

Transparent billing Emarsys Summer Release 2021

Billing can be tricky when attempting to figure out whether you’re running out of your quotas. On average it could take you an hour just to find this information, after signing through multiple screens to try and clarify how close you are to your quota. 

The new Transparent Billing dashboard clarifies all of this information and makes it super simple to see exactly what you need in just two minutes.

Save time on creating automations

improved automation editing Emarsys Summer Release 2021

The team has spent time improving your automation experience, to make it easier for you and to save you a good chunk of time. We estimate that you’ll shave around 18 minutes off every program designed in the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform with this improvement. 

An easier UI for creating complex segmentations

new segmentation experience Emarsys Summer Release 2021

Creating complex segments isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be for your team. It’s why we’ve been able to simplify the UI. Instead of taking upwards of 45 minutes per complex segment, it now takes only 10 minutes, and you and your team save 35 minutes. This is a huge difference, and you can use this extra time to experiment more, if you so choose.  

Final Thoughts

The new features and enhancements within the Emarsys Summer Release 2021 have been tailored to your business needs. With them, you will be able to grow, retain, and attract more customers.

The work that marketers did in 2020 silenced any doubt that marketing is a critical component to driving growth and revenue for a business. 

We want you to be empowered to do so much more as you strive to improve business outcomes for your organization. Using the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform, it’s easier than ever for you to reach customers across multiple channels, show the value of your marketing programs, and stand out from your competitors.

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Brandon Stewart

Content Marketing Manager

About the author

Brandon is a Marketing Content Manager at Emarsys. He is a results-driven copywriter and marketer with experience in B2B and B2C where he has generated profitable growth by acquiring leads and converting them to clients.

Connect with Brandon: LinkedIn

Special thanks to our friends at Emarsys for their insights on this topic.
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