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SearchNode Joins Nosto: Building The Perfect Personalized Search Experience


We are excited to announce that SearchNode is joining Nosto.

The acquisition of SearchNode is a major leap on our journey to build the world’s leading platform that helps brands and retailers offer their customers unique and personal experiences across all touchpoints. 

SearchNode’s capabilities and deep understanding of the search space will enable us to deliver a cutting-edge personalized search offering that’s deeply integrated into our industry-leading commerce experience platform.

Why search?

One of our core values as a company is ‘always listening.’ We continuously talk with our customers, carefully listening to the questions and feedback we get, then prioritize that feedback in the planning of our product roadmap. Over the years, our customers have consistently had questions regarding the possibility of search becoming a part of our broader commerce experience platform. 

We are also well aware of the importance of search in ecommerce. Based on numerous data and studies, we know that a significant portion of shoppers are likely to navigate online stores and discover products using search. Shoppers who utilize search also have much higher purchasing intent and are more likely to convert compared to other shoppers. A well-performing, personalized search solution can have a direct positive impact on the overall conversion rate of an online store.

Nosto and SearchNode: a natural fit

SearchNode’s team have developed very impressive search technology over the years. Their solution is robust, highly flexible, and shares a similar vision with the Nosto platform of balancing automation and relevance with control over merchandising and business rules—exactly what we have emphasized with our personalization offerings for a long time.

In addition to the advanced technology, we were also blown away by their team of friendly, highly-skilled ecommerce experts. We feel there is a great cultural fit, which will be crucial as we embark on our new joint path towards building a world-class personalized search offering for brands and retailers. The SearchNode office in Lithuania will also be a major step towards expanding the Nosto product team to new locations, and we expect this new hub to continue growing over the coming years. 

Our shared vision for the future

Starting today, Nosto and SearchNode will focus on building a shared product roadmap with a key milestone of launching our joint search solution as a native part of the Nosto commerce experience platform. We want to retain all the key strengths of SearchNode’s existing technology while embedding it into our platform and adding all the advanced personalization, segmentation, and AI/ML capabilities that Nosto is known for.

By adding an advanced search solution to our comprehensive commerce experience platform, Nosto will enable retailers to deliver a more personalized and optimized experience across the entire shopping journey, all within a unified, easy-to-use platform that our customers love.

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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