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Seasonal Messenger Templates for Back to School and Labor Day

A collage of pictures with the words 20 % off for Back to School and Labor Day.

The end of summer is a special period for most of us every year. No wonder that ecommerce businesses also often run special promotions to celebrate the Back to School period and Labor Day.

While this year, the general sentiment is very different due to COVID-19, you should still capitalize on the season and use this opportunity to run promotions and engage with your audience.

Sending the right messages to your customers is especially important now, so we wanted to help you getting started with your Messenger campaigns for Back to School and Labor Day of 2020. We released 5 new seasonal templates in the Recart Template Library that you can use to set up and run your Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Back to School Messenger marketing templates

Send a simple and effective Back to School sponsored message

If you have a sizable Facebook Messenger audience, sending a sponsored message campaign is the best way to promote your special offers during the Back to School season.

We created a simple, elegant template that you can use as a starting point, or even send it to your subscribers as-is. Just make sure that the included discount codes are active in your store, and you are ready to go.

Open template in Recart

Create a funny Back to School sponsored message

Some students might not be thrilled that summer is near its end. With a clever, quirky message, you are sure to resonate with your younger audience and ease their anxiety around COVID-19, missing some important summer events and the uncertainty about what going to school will look like in the upcoming months.

To create a sponsored message campaign based on this message, you can simply open the template in the Recart Conversation Flow Editor where you will be able to quickly and easily set up your campaign budget and schedule.

You can also customize this message to suit your exact marketing strategy or change the included GIF. You can even add more messages to the Conversation Flow.

Open template in Recart

Interactive Conversation Flow template for Back to School season

There’s a lot you can do with Conversation Flows during Back to School season, even beyond sending sponsored messages. This template will get you started with an interactive Conversation Flow that will send replies based on your customers’ reactions, collect email subscribers, hand out discount codes and send reminders in case they didn’t place an order after unlocking a discount.

Open template in Recart

The best way to distribute similar Conversation Flows is to connect them to one of your public Facebook posts using the Facebook Comments feature in Recart. This way, each person who leaves a comment on your post will receive the Conversation Flow in Messenger.

Alternatively, using the m.me link of the Conversation Flow, you can simply link to it on your website or include it in emails and text messages.

To learn more about using Facebook Comments and m.me links for distributing Conversation Flows, I recommend reading these two articles:

Labor Day sponsored message templates

The Labor Day long weekend is similarly important for ecommerce promotions as Back to School. Many people will go on trips with the understanding that this might be the last time this year that they can enjoy a beautiful summer weekend.

And because people will be outside, enjoying the weather, the best way to reach them will be to send them sponsored messages that they will see when they open the Facebook Messenger app.

We created two variants for your thematic Labor Day sponsored message campaigns to make sure that you can give your Labor Day promotion the boost it deserves.

Open template in Recart

Open template in Recart

This article originally appeared in the Recart blog and has been published here with permission.

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