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This playbook walks through how you can update a customer’s gender across your marketing channels to ensure that you are sending the right message to the right customer, no matter the channel. With this data, you will be able to dynamically segment the content of your marketing across channels.

How to sync customer gender to your marketing channels:

Part 1: Creating an Audiences Target 

1. In the Daasity app, click on New Target.

2. Click on Klaviyo Profile or Attentive Subscriber, or Facebook Audiences. You will want to recreate this segment for all the channels that you market in.

3. Under General, create a Name (to ID in Daasity app) and a Profile Name (to ID in your Marketing platform). 

     a. Select Only update existing profiles.

     b. For gender, you will need to select Male or Female Gender. After you create the sync for one destination, you will need to go in and recreate it for the opposite gender. So, if you created the destination for Female first, you will need to recreate it for Male as well.

4. Under Authorize Daasity, add your Private API Key/Log into your account.

5. Under Audiences Source, make sure that the chosen source is Daasity Customer Segments. Then, choose the Customer Gender report. 

     a. You will need to select Female or Male.

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Screenshot of creating a Daasity – Klaviyo sync

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Screenshot of creating a Daasity – Attentive sync

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Screenshot of creating a Daasity – Facebook sync

1. Under Data Mapping, sync the appropriate channel for each source.

     a. For Klaviyo, type in (or select) $email for the field

     b. For Attentive, type in (or select) $phone for the field

2. Next to CUSTOMER_SEGMENT, type in daasity_gender_value (this should match the gender you’ve selected above.

      a. daasity_gender_female

     b. daasity_gender_male

3. Under Schedule, select the frequency you want Daasity to update customer profiles (we recommend Daily).

     a. When you recreate the destination for the other gender you will need to swap the value.

Part 2: Leverage gender data for more personalized marketing 

In Klaviyo:

1. Create Segments based on gender to have the ability to send targeted campaigns based on relevant events and content to each gender.

     Ex. Tailor your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day promos to each segment based on their gender to highlight their specific relationship.

2. Branch your Automations based on the customer gender.

     Ex.  Create multiple branches in your Post Purchase education flow and tailor the content/educational material to the value props that most resonate with each customer segment.

3. Create Dynamic blocks in campaigns and journeys to dynamically tailor messages and images based on customers’ gender.

     Ex. Tailor the lifestyle images and products featured in your welcome series based on the customer gender to tailor to the images that will resonate better with them.

In Attentive:

1. Create Segments based on gender to have the ability to send targeted campaigns based on relevant events and content to each gender.

     Ex. If you are dropping new products or running a promo on one section of your product catalog that more suits one gender you can target them with specific messaging.

2. Branch your Automations based on the customer gender.

     Ex.  Create multiple branches in your HVC Welcome flow and update the content and products featured based on their gender.

In Facebook:

Create different Audiences based on gender to change the creative used in each ad based on the customer’s gender.

     Ex. Update your post purchase ads for first time customers to speak more directly to the value props that each gender receives from your product.

The Final Huddle:

  • Leverage customer gender across your marketing channels to more personally talk to each gender no matter what channel you are talking to customers.
  • Update the customers profile in each channel so you can leverage the data point across different messages, campaigns, automations, etc.

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