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Send Automatic Reminder Emails Before Your Coupons Expire

Are you sending coupons as appreciation to your reviewers? Awesome. Rewarding coupons is an excellent way to maintain a relationship with your customers. However, your customers may receive tons of emails daily, so your coupons might be missed.

No worries! Now you can schedule automatic reminder emails to be sent out some days before the coupons expire. This friendly reminder helps your customers remember to redeem their coupons, which is a good chance for you to encourage more sales!

Activating this feature is extremely easy. You can do it with a few clicks:

  • From the Coupons settings, find the Coupon validity section
  • Set a coupon validity date, then turn on the Reminder email.
  • Customize your email subject and body and click Send a sample email if you wish to preview it.
  • After everything is done, click Save settings.


  • A reminder email is only available if your coupon has a validity date.
  • Reminder email only works for the Shopify platform’s coupons generated by It doesn’t work for external coupons uploaded to

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