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Send Review Requests Through Klaviyo (Email & SMS)


If you’re in ecommerce marketing, you’ve heard about Klaviyo.

More than 200K Shopify stores use the email and SMS marketing platform.

Today we’re enabling more than 100K Loox powered Shopify stores to send review requests through Klaviyo.

Making one of the most empowering ecommerce integration moves over the last years. With, and for you.

Email & SMS Are Leading The Way

When Shopify published their annual “The Future of Ecommerce” report, it was clear to everyone that the world of ecommerce had changed.

Rising acquisition costs, the death of third-party cookies, and social commerce are now, more than ever, the obstacles and opportunities.

But where there’s shadow, there must be light.

Email marketing is one of the tried and true acquisition channels. With a projection to grow from $7.5B to 17.9B in market size by 2027, email marketing is a safe bet for your future.

That’s why we have optimized for sending review requests via email. Our customers see an average email open rate of 50%. This is double the average open rate of emails.

And then there is SMS marketing. Which Consistently outperforms other marketing activities. But it’s no wonder. With an average open rate of 98%, you can be sure that customers will read your messages.

Combining these cost-effective marketing strategies with Loox, a tool that transforms your store into a social-proof-driven sales machine will set you up for succeeding in the future of ecommerce.

Your Unfair Advantage: Requesting Reviews Through Klaviyo

It’s known that nine out of ten online shoppers will take a look at product reviews before making a decision to buy. No matter the size of the business.

Loox photo reviews helped brands like Volant start their ecommerce journey and go from $0 to $2 million in sales in under 1 year. And it allows established, global-operating companies like BlendJet to scale (55K+ reviews collected).

It’s safe to say that you need to collect reviews. And you should do it actively. Hoping for customers to share reviews won’t work.

That’s what Loox is made for.

Together with this Klaviyo integration, you can now integrate the review collection process into your existing automated Klaviyo flows. For both email and SMS.

From asking for product reviews in the last email/message of your welcome series to personalized automation based on a customer’s behavior, it’s all possible with this integration.

But there’s more than just requesting reviews. You can also craft and style your emails with this integration. Thanks to Klaviyo’s powerful editor.

Sending product review requests with Loox through Klaviyo

With Klaviyo, you own your data. With Loox, you take this into action. Collect reviews from customers who are likely to leave a review. Perfectly timed and synced with your Shopify fulfillment status, you are making sure to get the best possible results. 

Easier Than Ever: Collect More Reviews With Email And SMS

Modern-day marketing requires insights about customer behavior that help you understand the past and predict the future. To make decisions that will positively impact your business.

In a multi-channel review collection approach that involves email and SMS, it’s crucial to know which channel performs the best and where to put your efforts and resources.

With the Loox and Klaviyo integration, it’s not email versus SMS. It’s email and SMS together. Hand in hand. Giving you insights, on customer level, which channel is more likely to get a customer to leave a review. Fully automated, without spreadsheets or code.

Built to perform.

How to Activate Klaviyo for Loox

Sending review requests through Klaviyo is available on the Loox Unlimited plan. (not on the Unlimited plan? For a limited time only, get it for 50% off here).

Activating the Klaviyo and Loox integration is simple. It takes less than a minute.

Inside of your Loox dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo.

Then paste your Klaviyo API key in the API key field and click on “test”.

Setting up the Loox and Klaviyo integration

Now, the last step is to go to the “Review request timing” tab inside of Loox and pick “Klaviyo” from the “Send via” drop-down menu.

You can read an in-depth instruction, including more information about this integration here.

Not a Loox Unlimited customer? No problem. For a limited time only, we offer Loox Unlimited for 50% off. Click here or on the button below:

Tim Kock

Tim has a puppy called Rosa. (He also does marketing at Loox).

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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