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How to Create an SEO Technology Stack


When a company has developed a collection software that is available at their fingertips to help them achieve their business needs as they grow, these software collectively form what is often referred to as a “stack.”

Stacks can refer to any topic that has a wide range of dedicated software designed to improve it in some way. A common stack many companies have on hand in an SEO technology stack, which houses dozens of software that improve the experience of SEO marketing and research.

SEO marketing stacks can be used to garner attention and improve online search engine rankings, making them very valuable to small business entrepreneurs.

For example, companies can use an SEO software such as Ahrefs Position Explorer to see what the top-performing URLs were for specific search phrases. This provides us with proven examples of success in our field, success that we can draw from to benefit ourselves as well.

Once this has been complete, it’s time to begin content creation. Create posts that have some factors in common with those that top the search engine rankings, and be sure to include some of the same keywords within the article. MarketMuse is an excellent tool for finding similar content that ranks highly, and is a very helpful tool in any SEO toolbox.

After creating relevant content, it’s time to publish and reach an audience with the content. In order for the content to be read, it must first be found by intrigued readers who are eager to see it.

By using Buzzstream, companies can very effectively outreach to others in order to garner attention to a blog. Once Buzzstream has been mastered and used effectively, the content should be making its way around the internet, getting exposure and reader engagement at every turn.

There are hundreds of SEO applications on the web, with many of them being free to use. With the many resources on the market today, it’s important that all small business owners take advantage of these resources in order to make the biggest impact online, reaching their largest audience possible.

Begin creating a list of potential software that may fit your needs, and start implementing it as part of your SEO strategy as soon as possible. SEO can be difficult to follow, but implementing an SEO stack can make the process far less frustrating, and much more profitable.


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