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Rising SEO Trends of 2016

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Keeping up to date with ever-changing SEO trends may sound like quite the undertaking, however it’s an absolute must for any company looking to stay competitive in today’s growing online market.


With the middle of 2016 fast approaching, it may be time to familiarize oneself with this year’s best SEO trends, as they are indicative of what is being done right by market leaders around the internet.


One of the biggest trends of 2016 so far as been the use of location-based SEO. For example, when users search for a local term, such as pizza delivery, local companies are more effectively being shown in the top results. Companies with a specific location should take advantage of this trend by optimizing their site for local SEO integration.


Another big trend of 2016 has been a crucial part of SEO marketing for many years: all online businesses must have a clear customer persona, and must be able to understand their wants and needs while catering to them at every turn possible.


Without customers, a brand is nothing, and the brand essentially works for its fans and buyers. If someone went to McDonald’s for a sandwich and was offered pasta, they may be a bit confused and unhappy, which is often the feeling many customers get when they see a brand ignoring their requests.


With the growth of eCommerce has come a plethora of useful software covering a wide expanse of SEO topics, and this list is only expected to grow in 2016. There have already been many new content marketing tools available this year, and more are expected to come. These will be very useful to new marketers learning to establish a content marketing strategy.


While short-form blogs have always been a staple in the eCommerce industry, this trend is beginning to shift as customers show an increasing interest in long-form content. More and more readers are looking to get detailed information from the topic they are reading about, making long-form content very valuable.


In addition, customers are expecting a seamless web experience from platform to platform, making excellent mobile representation an absolute must. If customers using a mobile device are treated with an unresponsive or unattractive mobile experience, they will not be likely to follow through with a transaction.


Finally, it’s important that brands stop relying on ads for revenue, as ad blockers are a continuing trend among many internet users, and it can have a significant impact on the profits made from ads. Instead, focus on content marketing, which will not be limited by any external factors such as Adblocks.

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