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ShipHero Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Trends – Week in Review For November 30, 2020


ShipHero provides warehouse management software and outsourced ecommerce order fulfillment to over 4,000 brands, processing an annual gross merchandise volume (GMV) of over $5 billion.

In an effort to provide useful data to the DTC community during Covid and the rapid changes occurring in our industry, we are sharing some of the broad segment trends from the products on our platform. Here is the data for the week ended November 30, 2020:

ShipHero order fulfillment trends for the week ended November 30, 2020

Today is Cyber Monday and the holiday rush is in full swing, as shown by the huge increases in volume over prior weeks. The ShipHero team is on it, helping our customers meet the surging demand.

More charts available on

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Special thanks to our friends at Shiphero for their insights on this topic.

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