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If you run a Shopify subscription business and are not integrated with Shopify Checkout, you are going to need to make some changes to your subscription software based on Shopify’s recent announcement. Shopify announced that after October 18, 2024 subscription apps that are not directly integrated with Shopify Checkout will no longer be able to process subscription transactions.

This means that if you use a legacy solution like Recharge that is leveraging their checkout solution (i.e. one that is not directly connected to Shopify checkout) you are either going to need to migrate to a new version of Recharge or find another subscription solution. While we realize that this is stressful news on top of all of the other headwinds that your business faces, Upscribe is here to help you with the migration and make the transition as easy as possible for you and your business.

If you are not familiar with Upscribe, we are a retention management solution that helps fast growing Shopify merchants build, grow and scale their subscription and reorder business. To date, Upscribe has processed over $800 million in subscription revenue from some of the fastest growing Shopify brands such as Athletic Greens and RYZE Superfoods.

Upscribe is built on top of Shopify Checkout meaning that if you use Upscribe to power your subscription business you will be compliant with Shopify’s new mandate. We understand that this deadline may be causing angst and change is always scary, however if you choose to power your subscription business with Upscribe, we aim to make the migration process pain free. We will white-glove migrate and onboard you onto Upscribe, eliminating any stress and extra work on your team’s plate.

Benefits of using Shopify Checkout

Leveraging Shopify Checkout to process your subscription transactions has advantages for your entire business. While this mandate from Shopify may seem harsh, there are some large advantages of Shopify Checkout once you do make the migration. These advantages include:

  • Integration capabilities: when your business is running on Shopify Checkout, not only will you be able to integrate with your subscription solution (like Upscribe for example), but you will also be able to easily integrate any other Shopify third party application with it. This will make it more seamless to connect your entire business operation together.
  • The ability to leverage Shopify Payments to help improve conversion: Shopify Payments allows you to accept credit cards and any other form of payment (for example Apple or Google Pay) to allow you to begin accepting payments instantly. And Shopify Checkout allows you to leverage Shopify Payments, which among other benefits allows you to leverage Shop Pay. Shop Pay helps boost checkout conversion. In one study, it was estimated that Shop Pay has on average a checkout-to-order rate of 1.72X times higher than a regular checkout. Learn more about the benefits of using Shopify Payments here.
  • A faster checkout: Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform for a reason. They know that a fast checkout is an intricate part of the checkout process and as such Shopify Checkout is fast. A fast checkout will lead to less customers abandoning checkout and thus more conversions for you.

Start planning for the migration today

While October 18, 2024 may seem like a long way off, the longer that you wait to plan and make the migration, the more strain it will put on the rest of your business. As we detailed above, migrating to Shopify Checkout today will yield benefits to your subscription business, absent of any specific migration deadline. You will be upgrading to a faster checkout that will improve site conversion while also getting the benefit of leveraging Shopify Payments.

Upscribe’s team of ecommerce veterans will help you every step of the way as you think about migrating from a legacy solution like Recharge’s checkout onto Shopify Checkout. Upscribe offers complimentary priority support from day one and on average is about 30% less each month than Recharge.

If you are interested in learning more about Upscribe and talking with our team about the upcoming migration, set-up time to chat with us here.

This originally appeared on Upscribe and is made available here to cast a wider net.
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