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Shopify Dispatch Issue #413 – Shopify Collective, Create An Event

Shopify Dispatch Issue #413 – Shopify Collective, Create An Event

Issue #413 – August 23rd, 2023

Introducing Shopify Collective

Shopify’s released Shopify Collective as a way for retailers and dropshippers to connect. It could be interesting both as a way to get a new product into more stores or as a way to fill out your store’s catalog.

Standard drop-shipping cautions apply.

Creating an Event

Kevin Hillstrom writes about creating your own marketing event instead of just having sales or leeching off of Amazon.

Leaky funnel losing repeat customers?

Are you struggling to grow your repeat purchases? Install Repeat Customer Insights to equip your store with the insights it needs to increase your repeat sales.

My articles this week

New: email subscriptions for Customer Cohorts

Real example of building customer loyal with a note

Using value math to sell to B2B customers

Calculating your customer acquisition budget based on repeat customer purchases

Eric Davis

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This originally appeared on the LittleStream Software Blog and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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