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Shopify eCommerce Product Video Tips

Video marketing is on the rise. Product videos can make or break many sales, and they’re becoming more important with recent updates to Google’s algorithms.

Because video marketing is somewhat new, there’s a lot of confusion as to what works and what doesn’t. You need the right video marketing strategy and the right videos to make it work for you.

So how can you create a video marketing strategy that helps you secure more sales and reach larger audiences? We’re looking at ways you can make an effective video marketing strategy, and the kinds of videos you should look to when making your own.

Let’s dive in.

Why Are Product Videos Important?

According to BigCommerce, 49% of all online shoppers say not being able to touch a product before making a purchase is their least favorite part of shopping online.



And it’s a big issue for a lot of people. Many products must be touched, handled, or tried-on for a shopper to know it’s what they want. This isn’t easy when you’re shopping online.

This is where product videos come in. Videos help shoppers understand a product better before they purchase it. It won’t necessarily help them know how well a shirt will fit, but it can help them determine whether or not they need your aromatherapy vaporizer.

By using product videos, you’re establishing trust with your customer. They can see the product in-action and trust how it will look, feel, and perform right out of the box.

How to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Shopify Store
Now that you know why you need product videos, start outlining your video marketing strategy.

As you start thinking things through, ask yourself:

Where will you feature your product video?

What is the purpose of your video?

How will your video achieve its purpose?

Where Will Your Feature Your Product Video?

You can use product videos to serve many purposes. Some might go on your product pages, others might be reserved for social media.

The type of video you create will depend on where you’re going to post it. Your videos shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, you should design them to meet the specific needs you’ve outlined in your video marketing strategy.

Consider making videos for:

Your product pages.

Your homepage and other parts of your store.

A welcome email.

Paid advertising.

Social media.

What is Your Product Video's Purpose?

Different product videos serve different purposes. Your videos purpose depends on where you’re going to place it, and how you’re going to use it. In the end, what do you want your video to achieve?

A product video generally has one (or more) three main purposes:

To increase conversions.

To increase AOV.

To attract new customers.

Ideally, each of your videos should lead to more conversions, a more trusting relationship with current and new customers, and more customers as a whole. Videos that can’t achieve these three purposes aren’t serving your brand well.

How Will Your Video Achieve Its Purpose?

Before you take the time to film and edit a video, make sure you know it’ll do what you want it to. You know what you want your video to achieve, but how can you make that happen?



The best thing you can do is write down what you’re using the video to achieve, and what you think will help it do so.

For product page videos, you’re trying to increase conversions and your average order value (AOV). These videos should include shots of the product in use as intended, 360-degree shots of the product, and the product in use with other products one might use with it.

Welcome series emails serve a similar purpose but in a different way. In these videos, you’re introducing a new customer to your brand, and you’re showing them what you’re all about. Tell the viewer about your brand, show off your best selling products, and talk about your brand’s excellent service.

As for social media videos, you’re trying to accomplish your three main goals with one clip. You’re trying to attract new customers, increase your average order value, and increase your conversions. To do this, use the same steps as those above for welcome series emails, but more adamantly encourage conversion.

How to Create Effective Product Videos For Your Shopify Store

Now that you know how to get your strategy off on the right foot, let’s talk about creating the videos themselves.

Choose a Format

What format will you use for your videos? Will you have a brand representative on-camera, displaying your product and its features?

The best video format for you depends on your product and your budget. Choose a video format you can afford to shoot that works best for showcasing your brand.

Create a Script

Before you start recording your video, you’ll need a script. As you’re planning your script, understand the questions your audience will have about your product. Then answer those questions with clear, concise explanations.

Your script’s tone should match your brand’s personality. In it, you should introduce your brand and its benefits. Talk about the problems it solves, and other ways it can help your audience.

Gather Your Resources

A great video has props, actors, and quality camera work. Without these, you risk looking unprofessional and your audience may not respond well.


Before you start shooting, list any props or equipment you’ll need to create your video. Set aside a large enough budget to cover the equipment you need – poor lighting or recording quality will have a negative impact on your video.

Engage With Your Viewers

For a product video to be effective, it should connect with its audience. Your viewers should want to engage with your video, brand, or product after seeing it.

Use Calls-to-Action to inspire customer interaction. Ask them to like your page on social media or sign up for your email newsletter, using title cards or lines in the video.

Include music in your videos. There are thousands of royalty-free background songs on the web, which can give your videos a more upbeat, relatable feel, making viewers more likely to engage.

Make your videos short and concise. People like watching videos, but they don’t usually have the attention to watch for more than a few minutes at a time. Don’t make your videos longer than a few minutes, and only share important, concise information. Avoid fluff that might drive viewers away.

General Product Video Tips and Tricks

Subtle details make the difference between a product video that converts and one that doesn’t. Here are some of the best ways you can make your product videos stand apart from the rest, and keep your viewers interested and engaged:

– Shoot video horizontally, not vertically. Most online users watch videos with a horizontal screen, so they appear more natural when they're filmed this way.

– Use a commonly used product for scale, to give an accurate depiction of your product’s size.

– Show your product from different angles.

– Use a tripod to reduce shakiness. If you don’t have a tripod, consider a stack of books or a coffee table as a DIY replacement.

– Use natural light whenever possible. Shoot near large windows or outside whenever possible – natural light always looks better on camera than artificially produced light.

– Only shoot in well-lit environments. Poorly lit videos will not hold an audience’s attention for long.

– Avoid intrusive shadows by strategically placing your sources of lighting.

– Shoot in a quiet environment. Unnecessary background noise can distract your viewer, and make your video appear unprofessional.

– Invest in an external microphone for your camera – it’ll greatly improve your audio quality.

– Test your audio levels before shooting a scene.

– Make product demonstration videos to show how viewers can use your product.

– Offer free products to online influencers in return for a published unboxing video.

– Start a user-generated content campaign. Offer a reward to your viewers in response for sharing their experience with your brand or product on social media.

– Make your video entertaining. Your first priority is to connect with your viewer, your second is to entertain them and hold their attention.

– Be unique. The point of using product videos is to show your brand’s personality. Be true to yourself, and don’t copy other brands – your viewers will notice.

17 Examples of Effective eCommerce Product Videos

There is no set formula to create the perfect product video. Sometimes you’ll create something that sells, other times you might miss the mark. It may take a few tries to create a product video campaign that works as projected, but with time you’ll find the formula that works best for your brand.

Across the web, there are millions of product videos. We analyzed some of the best product videos on the web, and pulled some examples. These videos effectively identify and serve their purpose, and provide tremendous value to their brands.

Take a look at each of these videos to get an understanding of what makes a quality product video that converts. Use them as inspiration for your own product videos, and see what you can improve with your video marketing strategy.

What Sets Some Videos Apart?

Many product videos follow a similar formula, but some are created better than others.


The best product videos tell a story. They connect with their audience and keep them engaged with their content. Good product videos offer a brand story, and a message the audience can get behind.

Most online shoppers don’t like long videos. Effective product videos shouldn’t be longer than 30 seconds. Anything much longer risks losing the viewer and wasting their time.

Finally, the best product videos on the web connect with their viewer on a very basic human level. They don’t pander or treat their audience like a customer to be fooled. Offer honesty and integrity in each of your videos. Your viewer deserves value.

The Best eCommerce Product Videos On The Web

Of the millions of product videos on the web, we chose 17 of the best we could find. These videos offer inspiration and insight into creating quality, effective product videos, and they can help you improve your product video marketing strategy.

Nine Line


Product videos do best when they connect with your audience. You don’t always have to be serious in your videos – sometimes it’s best to show your fun side. Nine Line does this perfectly in their Strout Hoodie product video – all without saying a word.

Man Crates

What can you expect from your Man Crate? Find out in under 30 seconds with their genius product video. You’ll feel the brand’s personality and learn what to expect from your Man Crate, in just around a half-minute.

Native Union

Technology products often require product videos to make sales. Shoppers want to see the product’s user interface in-action before they invest hundreds of dollars into one of their own.

Native Union draws inspiration from the innovative Apple product videos. They apply a similar formula to their own technological devices, and use clever lighting to set the atmosphere. Their products focus on the value of convenience, and the company’s values are clearly shown throughout the duration of video.



Simple product demonstration videos are an easy and effective formula for many product video marketing strategies. Kelty’s simply demonstration video discusses the product from the ground up, and shows how it can be set up. For a simple video, it hits the mark and serves its audience well.

Glory Cycles


Music is an excellent tool to establish emotion with your viewer. Athletic products are best demonstrated in action, and Glory Cycles shows how perfectly this can work in conjunction with music.

Sierra Designs


It’s important for your viewers to trust you. The better your video relates to its audience, the easier it’ll be for them to trust your product.

Sierra Designs shows exactly how to relate to your audience, with this tent product video. They connect with their audience and relate to them on a personal level.

Raspberry Pi


When your product is great, what do you have to hide? The creators of Raspberry Pi don’t over exaggerate their product in their demonstration video. They offer transparency, and clearly show their product’s value.

Naturally Curly

One of your product video’s main goals is to encourage engagement from your audience. Naturally Curly does this with their #HaveYouTriedThis campaign, which they promote in their product videos.

Training Mask


It’s necessary for you to show some products in use. Excellent photos and 360 degree shots won’t do enough to make it sell.

Training Mask offers a simple product video, which shows their niche product in action. The basic principles of this video can be applied to many different types of products.

Solo Stove

The Solo Stove’s creators show how well they understand their audience with this product video. Viewers can see the product in action, and get a brief explanation as to how the product can help them. It’s a simple video, but the formula can be applied to many niches.


It’s important to show athletic products in use. Kap7 does an excellent job of showing how their product works, and what it does to benefit swimmers.

It also wins by using an actual Water Polo Olympian as an actor in the video. This small celebrity endorsement helps the video connect with its audience and resonate with them.

Final Thoughts

Product videos are an excellent way to connect with customers and display your brand. With a well-planned strategy and careful attention to details, product videos can help you reach large audiences and improve your presence on the web.


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