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Shopify eCommerce Website Design Tutorials

A close up of a man with a beard, demonstrating Shopify eCommerce Website Design.

Building an eCommerce website is hard work. From home pages to the overall user experience, you’ll need to understand eCommerce design in and out to create a store which converts.

A Google search for “eCommerce web design tutorials” will retrieve thousands of results, and narrowing them down to the best can be quite an undertaking. We’ve done the hard work for you and gathered 17 of the best eCommerce design tutorials available on the web to help you get started on your next store.

#1: The Business of Web Design: How to Grow Your eCommerce Web Design Business

Skillshare is a hub for useful web design tutorials, and teacher Paul Boag hosts some of the best web design classes on the platform. In this lesson, he teaches students methods they can use to get more clients for their web design business.

#2: Everything You Need to Know About Designing for eCommerce

Web design plays a crucial role in eCommerce. From attracting customers to making sales, this guide walks you through everything you should know about web design for eCommerce stores.

#3: Creating an eCommerce Website: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Don’t want to pay thousands of dollars on a web development team to get your eCommerce store up and running? With this guide, you will learn how to build an eCommerce website from the ground up.

#4: Freshly Squeezed Guide to eCommerce Growth

From Lemonstand, one of the web’s leading eCommerce blogs, comes their first free eBook about growing your online store. This eBook covers nearly every aspect of eCommerce, from deciding on a niche to nailing your SEO strategy. It also features numerous web design tips to help you create an attractive and functional eCommerce store.

#5: 10 Terrible Pieces of Advice for eCommerce Sites

This article takes a unique spin on your typical “eCommerce advice” post by showing people exactly what they shouldn’t do with their store. Not only is this piece an enjoyable read, it has a ton of insightful advice you can use to make your Shopify store better.

#6: 21 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Home Page a Conversion Magnet

Want to take your eCommerce store’s home page to the next level? Check out this guide from Mohita Nagpal, which highlights 21 of the best tactics you can use to improve your store’s home page.

#7: eCommerce Design — The Perfect eCommerce Home Page?

From Smart Insights comes the answer to all of your eCommerce home page questions. Using their unique algorithms and analysis processes, Smart Insights has determined exactly what the perfect home page looks like. Check out this guide to see how yours stacks up.

#8: 17 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Home Page

This infographic analyses a number of successful eCommerce home pages and brings together 17 elements many of them have in common. It’s not exactly a collection of best practices, but it does offer useful advice for eCommerce store owners.

#9: How to Design a Customer-Winning Product Page for Your eCommerce Store Series

This two-part guide by Connie Wong walks you through nearly every aspect of an excellent product page. She discusses which elements matter and why, then gives you advice on how to implement them into your own product pages.

#10: Design the Ultimate eCommerce Product Page

Lemonstand’s Alicia Doiron discusses the makeup of a highly-converting product page in this extensive guide, touching on details most other guides won’t mention. She offers advice on taking the perfect product photo, to pricing your items so they’ll sell like hotcake and make you a few extra cents per sale.

#11: Better Product Pages: Turn Visitors in Customers

Sabina Idler’s guide to creating high-converting product pages is one of the best on the web. Instead of collecting general advice from other sources and putting it together in one place, this tutorial offers truly helpful, unique advice you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

#12: How to Design an eCommerce Checkout Flow that Converts

Cart optimization plays a major role in your store’s conversion rate. Peep Laja is a leading expert on conversion optimization, and he shares his advice in this in-depth article.

#13: 9 Best Practices to Optimize Checkout Design

Another tutorial from Lemonstand, this tutorial is among the most extensive on this list. Written by expert Zach Rutherford, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of a perfect checkout process. By implementing the tips you learn in this guide, you’re sure to reduce cart abandonment and improve your conversion rate.

#14: The Current State of eCommerce Search

Your store’s search bar and navigation design are crucial to its success. This guide discusses the importance of your store’s search bar, and how you can make the most of it.

#15: 24 Best Practice Tips for eCommerce Site Search

Another guide to creating the perfect navigation scheme and site search feature, Graham Charlton will help you step up your store’s design with these 24 tips.

#16: The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Mobile App Development

Anthony Blatner’s guide will walk you through the entire process of creating an app for your eCommerce store, from app store optimization to payment gateways. If you’re looking for a collection of useful information before you begin developing your mobile app, this is a great resource to start with.

#17: Tips for Designing Beautiful eCommerce Mobile Apps

Paul Andrew lists nine of the best eCommerce design practices for mobile apps, creating a perfect guide for newcomers to mobile app development. This doesn’t offer much to veteran app designers, but it’s an excellent resource for newcomers.

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