Shopify Editions: The 5 Products Shopify Plus Merchants Need To Know


The next evolution in commerce is here. Consumers today crave deeper connections. It’s no longer just about a direct transaction but the vast new opportunities that exist for brands and buyers throughout the entire commerce journey. 

The brands that connect to their consumers to build long-term relationships and loyal communities are those who will win in the new era of commerce.

That’s why we’re excited to share Shopify Editions: a brand-new way to explore the products and services you need to grow your business. 

Shopify Editions is published twice a year, culminating six months of product innovation at Shopify. The Summer ’22 Edition features 100+ new and updated products that give merchants of all sizes around the world a way to explore first-hand how Shopify is getting better, how all the moving parts fit together, and how you can take advantage of the full breadth and depth of our commerce platform.

Explore at your own pace

We’ve made Shopify Editions easy to explore based on your business goals and priorities. Read all six chapters in order, or skip around to the sections that interest you most—it’s up to you. No matter what you pick, you’ll find helpful insights and curated product recommendations to help you grow your business.

  1. Finding customers
  2. Converting shoppers 
  3. Creating your story
  4. Building relationships
  5. Handling your business
  6. Scaling and building

The theme of our Summer ’22 Edition is ‘Connect to Consumer.’

Connect to Consumer: the evolution of D2C

Shopify has always powered direct to consumer (D2C) commerce; it’s in our DNA. But it’s clear that D2C is changing, evolving in response to foundation-shifting changes to the internet and regulation, as well as a pandemic-driven need for deeper connection.

With the growing influence of TikTok and organic social posts, merchants need to build real, long-term connections with their customers to succeed. We’ve coined a new name for this movement: Connect to Consumer (C2C). In this new era of commerce, merchants of all sizes must connect with consumers online, offline, and everywhere people spend time.

Discover new products for Shopify Plus merchants

In our first Editions experience, we’re highlighting the products you need to help your business adapt and thrive in the C2C era, including these features essential for Shopify Plus merchants:

Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a Plus-exclusive feature that helps you find your next best customer. Powered by our merchant network and machine learning, Shopify Audiences helps you to reach buyers looking for your products, and allows you to seamlessly export high-interest audiences to ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

ShopifyQL Notebooks

Make smarter decisions faster with ShopifyQL Notebooks, a new data analysis and exploration experience only available with Shopify Plus. Go deep into your data within a domain or combine data from multiple business domains to get a holistic view of your business—all within Notebooks, using ShopifyQL, the language of commerce. (ShopifyQL Notebooks is currently invite-only, with a full rollout coming later in 2022.)

B2B on Shopify

Sell B2B and DTC from one platform—and one store. Unlock the full power of our customizable platform and reach new businesses with our expanded B2B functionality. Built directly into the core of Shopify, our new B2B features like company profiles, net payment terms, and a streamlined B2B checkout give merchants the ability to customize the buying experience for all their customers. 

Hydrogen & Oxygen

Build headless storefronts faster with Hydrogen’s React-based stack. Then, deploy and scale on Oxygen, our new global hosting solution, included in your Plus plan. 

Checkout Extensibility

As a Shopify Plus merchant, you can make more advanced checkout customizations designed to increase conversion and average order value. Checkout Extensibility lets you add branding, loyalty programs, recommended products, and more. It’s secure, fast, and upgrade-safe, all while integrating with Shop Pay for the best-converting checkout on the internet.

Explore Shopify Editions

Check out Shopify Editions today to learn what our latest releases can do for you.

This originally appeared on Shopify Plus and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.

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