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Shopify Plus Review 2024: A Stronger Choice Than Core Plans?

A miniature shopping cart with small boxes sits on a table in front of an open laptop and colorful shopping bags in the background, evoking a Shopify Plus review scene.

Ever wonder what it’s like to hijack the cockpit of an ecommerce rocket ship? Well, step right up.

We’re about to embark on a journey that’ll take us light years ahead into 2024, and our vessel is none other than Shopify Plus.

No more fiddling around with clunky controls or trying to navigate through space junk – Shopify Plus clears the path for smooth sailing.

So strap in as we explore new galaxies teeming with advanced apps, customized checkouts, powerful store management tools, and much more. Can Shopify Plus be considered the ultimate ecommerce solution? And how does it stack up against its little brother – Shopify’s core plans?

Welcome aboard our voyage of discovery, where you’ll uncover answers that could reshape your online business universe.

Shopify Plus Review 2024: An In-depth Look

Since its launch in 2014, Shopify Plus has evolved into a powerhouse ecommerce platform. Catering to over 33,180 well-known brands worldwide, it offers scalability and customization that standard Shopify plans can’t match.

In this examination of Shopify Plus, we’ll investigate the characteristics and advantages that separate it from other ecommerce stages. This isn’t just any review; I’ve used these tools for my online store management and will share some firsthand experiences with you.

A Glance at Notable Features

The primary lure of Shopify Plus is its suite of advanced apps that elevate your shop’s functionality. From an enhanced checkout experience to extended API call capacity, this plan offers much more than the primary or standard setups on lower-tiered packages.

Besides unlimited staff accounts access analytics in real-time (an asset every successful merchant needs), there are extra expansion store options, too. The result? A robust system that allows for greater control over multiple aspects of your business simultaneously while still maintaining simplicity where needed most – like managing stores or handling transaction fees associated with different payment methods such as credit cards.

Pricing Structure Explained

Unlike traditional flat-rate models like Basic ($29/month) or Advanced ($299/month), Shopify Plus operates on a unique revenue-based model after reaching $800k in monthly sales, making it more flexible according to business size and growth patterns. You start by paying a minimum monthly fee based on sales volumes; however, once you hit certain thresholds – bingo. You’re moved onto their tiered pricing structure, giving you even more room for growth and scalability.

Exclusive Merchant Success Program

In gold. Shopify Plus’s Merchant Success program is your navigator in the vast ocean of ecommerce, offering you everything from coding insights to marketing tactics. It’s a support initiative that truly pays for itself.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus, launched in 2014, is now the top choice for over 33,180 global brands. It’s because of its outstanding scalability and customization. This isn’t just your average ecommerce platform—it brings advanced apps to the table that elevate your store’s functionality beyond basic plans. You get excellent features like improved checkout experiences and a greater capacity for API calls. Not to mention unlimited access to staff accounts analytics.

Key Features of Shopify Plus

If you’re considering upgrading your ecommerce platform, let’s explore the standout features that make Shopify Plus a severe contender.

Advanced Apps and Their Benefits

The advanced apps on Shopify Plus take your online store from good to great. For instance, there’s no need for coding knowledge when using custom apps. They streamline operations and give users access to more complex tasks without getting tangled in tech jargon.

A highlight among these is ShopifyQL Notebooks, which helps manage stores efficiently by providing valuable insights into customer profiles and behavior patterns. Then there’s the automatic carrier shipping rates feature; it calculates live chat shipping rates in real-time, reducing friction at checkout while ensuring customers aren’t caught off guard with unexpected fees.

Fully Customizable Checkout Experience

Beyond mere aesthetics, fully customizable checkouts provide opportunities for upselling and cross-selling while keeping things smooth sailing for customers. It might seem like a minor detail until you consider this: research shows that 69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart before purchasing – often because they find the process complicated or lengthy. With customized checkouts offered by Shopify Plus, you can design intuitive checkout flows that convert window shoppers into buyers seamlessly.

This aspect becomes even more crucial if we talk about international expansion stores where transaction fee norms vary across countries – having control over your checkout means effortlessly adjusting according to regional preferences.

Feature Benefit
Advanced Apps Should any challenges arise, we are here to provide guidance and support. Feel free to reach out whenever needed.

Pricing Structure for Shopify Plus

Regarding pricing, Shopify Plus stands out from standard Shopify plans. It’s a different beast entirely. Why? Because the pricing is primarily based on your sales volumes.

If you’re beginning with Shopify Plus, there’s a minimum cost of $2000 each month. This may seem steep at first glance compared to basic or advanced Shopify plans, but let me put this into perspective.

This platform isn’t designed for small-scale online shops dipping their toes in eCommerce waters. Nope. Instead, it caters to large businesses and enterprises that generate high revenue and need more features than other platforms like Basic or Standard Shopify.

When your business starts raking in over $800k per month (yep – 800 grand.), switching to a revenue-based model becomes even more enjoyable. What does this mean exactly?

  • Your monthly fee will then be determined as a percentage of your sales volume – typically around 0.25%, depending on negotiations made during contract signing.
  • There’s no ceiling limit here, meaning if you’re making big bucks, expect higher fees.
  • This unique structure ensures the price aligns closely with how much value you derive from using Shopify Plus.

Fees Associated With Payment Processing

In addition to subscription costs, transaction fees are another critical aspect of cost considerations when reviewing Shopify Plus Pricing and Transaction Fees. However, these can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

If you use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway (and why wouldn’t you – it’s integrated perfectly with the platform), there are no additional transaction fees. Alternatively, opting for an external payment gateway incurs a 0.15% fee on all transactions.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus, tailored for large businesses and enterprises, operates on a unique pricing model. With plans beginning at $2000 monthly, your cost increases in tandem with sales volumes – as you make more money, fees elevate, too. But this directly correlates to Shopify Plus’s value to your business. And don’t forget that transaction fees can be sidestepped entirely if you use Shopify’s payment gateway.

Store Management Options on Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus opens up a world of advanced store management options. For businesses with a lot of activity, Shopify Plus offers the opportunity to simplify their processes.

Dedicated Store Dashboard and Advanced Apps

A significant feature of Shopify Plus is the dedicated store dashboard, which lets you manage all your stores from one place. You can easily oversee staff accounts, view analytics, handle customer profiles, and more.

The platform also offers access to advanced apps not available with standard Shopify plans. These include applications like Shopify Flow and Script Editor – tools explicitly designed for automating tasks and customizing shopping experiences.

User Permissions & Staff Accounts

An essential aspect of managing an ecommerce platform effectively lies in user permissions. With unlimited staff accounts offered by Shopify Plus, each team member can have tailored access based on their role within the organization admin setup. So whether it’s marketing specialists needing data insights or developers requiring coding knowledge for creating custom apps – everyone gets what they need without unnecessary overlap.

Ecommerce Platform Scalability & Expansion Stores

Your business may start small, but dream big. To support such aspirations, scalability becomes crucial when choosing an ecommerce platform. Thankfully, expansion stores are a standout feature in the suite of offerings provided by this platform – allowing you to create additional storefronts as your brand grows globally.

Fully Integrated POS Pro System

POS Pro, a fully integrated point-of-sale system offered by Shopify Plus, ensures seamless synchronization between your online and physical stores. All inventory, customer profiles, and transaction details are up-to-date across platforms.

Carrier Shipping Rates & Checkout Recovery

A significant part of managing an ecommerce store involves handling shipping rates. With automatic carrier shipping rates feature in Shopify Plus, you can ensure accurate costs based on real-time pricing from major carriers.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus empowers large-scale businesses with advanced store management features. From a dedicated dashboard for overseeing all your stores to access to exclusive apps like Shopify Flow and Script Editor – it’s all about efficiency. Tailored user permissions mean team members get precisely what they need—dreaming big? The platform supports scalability with expansion stores as your brand grows globally.

The Exclusive Merchant Success Program on Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus, a powerful ecommerce platform launched in 2014, has become the choice of over 33,180 brands worldwide. One feature that differentiates it from standard Shopify plans is its exclusive Merchant Success program.

This program provides valuable resources and dedicated support to help merchants scale their businesses. It’s not just about having an online store; it’s about realizing genuine development and accomplishment in the digital business world.

Dedicated Support Tailored for Your Business

In the bustling world of ecommerce, having a team at your back can make all the difference. The Merchant Success program offers each merchant a dedicated Manager who understands your business needs. They provide proactive guidance tailored to you – because no two stores are alike.

Your manager will work closely with you to develop strategies specific to your goals while ensuring smooth operation across multiple facets, such as staff accounts management or checkout recovery efforts. Check out more details here.

Access To Exclusive Resources

Beyond one-on-one support, members of this elite club get access to additional resources like advanced apps and tools via Shopify Plus Academy. These assets are explicitly designed for larger-scale operations looking to enhance their store management options or customer profiles.

A wealth of educational materials awaits users: webinars, tutorials, industry insights – everything needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace without extensive coding knowledge. So go ahead – use these keys and unlock doors previously closed.

Growth Opportunities With Other Members

The exclusivity doesn’t end there, though. As part of the Merchant Success program, you’ll be connected to a network of experienced entrepreneurs who can provide invaluable advice and guidance. It’s an opportunity for networking and learning from those who’ve been there before – because sometimes, real-world experience is the best teacher.

Being part of this tight-knit community, merchants can share insights on everything from enhancing Shopify features to planning for worldwide store growth. The wisdom exchanged in this space can smooth out your journey toward success.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus’s Merchant Success program offers exclusive support and resources tailored to your business. You get a dedicated manager, access to advanced tools via Shopify Plus Academy, and the chance to network with other entrepreneurs in this elite club. It’s not just about running an online store – it’s about fostering real growth.

Comparing Shopify Plus and Shopify Core Plans

Let’s dive into their key differences if you’re contemplating whether to opt for a Shopify Plus plan or stick with the standard Shopify plans. Both platforms are top-notch ecommerce solutions catering to different business needs.

The Pricing Structure:

Firstly, pricing differs significantly between these two options. Standard Shopify has straightforward flat-rate tiers: Basic ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month), and Advanced ($299/month). On the other hand, pricing for Shopify Plus is more dynamic as it follows a revenue-based model after reaching $800k in monthly sales with a minimum cost of $2000 per month.

Premium Features on Offer:

Beyond pricing considerations, one must consider what features come packed within each plan. For instance, advanced apps such as custom checkout experiences can provide your customers with seamless transactions while boosting conversions. This unique feature comes only under the umbrella of the ‘Plus’ package.

The Merchant Success Program:

An exclusive benefit available to those who choose ‘Plus’ over standard plans is access to its Merchant Success program. This support system ensures that merchants get help whenever needed along their journey – from initial setup through scaling up operations – which could be critical for high-volume businesses aiming at long-term growth strategies.

Suitable Store Management Options:

In terms of store management tools offered by both platforms, there are noticeable disparities worth considering. While basic functionality exists across all plans, including staff accounts management and live chat customer support, users have an edge when it comes down to managing multiple stores efficiently using additional resources like organization admin controls designed specifically keeping larger scale businesses in mind.

API Calls and Staff Accounts:

Shopify Plus allows for additional API calls, which can help to enhance your store’s functionality. Also, you can create no limit on staff accounts with ‘Plus,’ giving more flexibility to larger teams compared to the standard plans that restrict users’ access based on pricing tiers.

a Truly compelling choice for growing businesses.

Key Takeaway:
When choosing between Shopify Plus and Core Plans, consider your business needs. While standard Shopify offers flat-rate tiers, Plus pricing is dynamic and based on revenue. Exclusive benefits of the ‘Plus’ package include advanced apps for seamless transactions, a Merchant Success program to provide ongoing help, additional store management resources for large-scale businesses, unlimited staff accounts, and enhanced API calls.

Security Measures on Shopify Plus

If you’re in the ecommerce game, data security is probably at the top of your worry list. But fear not; with Shopify Plus, you can rest easy knowing your online store is well-protected.

Shopify Plus comes packed with robust security measures to protect businesses from threats. This includes a secure shopping cart protected by 256-bit SSL encryption – so sensitive information like credit card details remain safe during transactions.

Data Protection for Businesses

First things first: protecting customer and business data is a priority on Shopify Plus. The platform has strict policies and procedures to ensure this happens seamlessly. It leverages high-level encryption methods to safeguard personal and financial information.

The best part? You don’t need any coding knowledge to get these benefits. Shopify takes care of all the backend complexities while letting you focus more on running your shop smoothly.

Fraud Analysis Tools

Besides basic protection features, there’s also an advanced set of fraud analysis tools on this eCommerce platform. These tools are designed to identify fraudulent activities before they cause serious harm to merchants or customers alike.

Forbes Advisor’s review sheds light on how it provides daily backups and round-the-clock monitoring services, ensuring consistent uptime.

Potential Threat Identification & Mitigation

No matter how big or small a threat maybe – if it’s harmful enough for your store’s performance, consider it taken care of by Shopify Plus’ robust detection system, which actively monitors potential risks and works swiftly towards their mitigation.

This proactive approach means less downtime for stores due to technical issues or malicious attacks, ensuring customers enjoy uninterrupted shopping experiences.

PCI Compliance

Did you know Shopify Plus is also Level 1 PCI DSS compliant? This means it adheres to the highest standards of payment data security. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance helps ensure the secure handling of credit card information by online stores and their service providers.

In a nutshell, your store’s performance can be enhanced significantly with some tweaks. A little attention to detail and the willingness to experiment with new strategies could bring in more customers and boost sales. So why wait? Let’s begin taking steps to make your shop unique compared to the others.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus places a strong emphasis on data security. This lets you zero in on running your business, leaving the intricate backend work to them. With features like 256-bit SSL encryption for secure transactions and advanced methods for safeguarding personal and financial information, they’ve covered you. They even offer cutting-edge fraud analysis tools that help spot potential threats early on. Not forgetting their Level 1 PCI DSS compliance – it’s proof that they meet the highest standards for payment data security out there. In essence, Shopify Plus makes sure shopping is a seamless experience.

International Expansion with Shopify Plus

Global business growth is the dream of every ambitious entrepreneur. But, to successfully break into international markets, you need a robust ecommerce platform that can handle the complexity. That’s where Shopify Plus comes in.

The International expansion features offered by Shopify Plus make it easier for businesses to manage multiple stores and languages from a single dashboard. This means less hassle when dealing with different currencies or tax rates – all thanks to this comprehensive ecommerce platform.

Navigating Global Business Growth with Shopify Plus

Moving your brand beyond borders doesn’t have to be complicated if you’re on the right platform. At the same time, many ecommerce platforms claim global reach, but not all deliver effectively.

This is why we love Shopify Plus:

  • You get additional resources like automatic carrier shipping rates and advanced apps, which are necessary tools as you scale internationally.
  • Avoid headaches tied to exchange rate calculations because Shopify payments do that for you.
  • Your online store also enjoys access analytics, enabling real-time performance monitoring across regions – talk about being in control.

Coding Knowledge? Not Required.

We’ve seen some entrepreneurs shy away from expanding their operations due to fears around needing extensive coding knowledge – but rest easy. With custom apps available on ShopifyQL Notebooks, even without any coding experience, you can personalize each customer’s shopping experience based on their location using scripting languages like Liquid or JavaScript.

This lets you provide region-specific offers, making your customers feel unique and understood – wherever they are—the key to success on a global scale.

Social Media Integrations for Wider Reach

Instagram, and Twitter. It’s an excellent approach to get your clients where they invest most of their time on the web. But the tale has only just begun…

Key Takeaway:
Breaking into international markets becomes less daunting with Shopify Plus. Its features simplify managing multiple stores and languages and dealing with different currencies or tax rates from one dashboard. You don’t need coding knowledge to personalize customer experiences; you can use scripting languages like Liquid or JavaScript via custom apps on ShopifyQL Notebooks. Your brand’s reach expands greatly thanks to social media integrations.

Exploring the App Store on Shopify Plus

The App Store on Shopify Plus is a treasure trove of tools designed to enhance your online store’s functionality. This vast marketplace houses apps for various needs, including marketing, sales, social media integrations, and more.

A Wealth of Integration Options for Online Stores

You can discover countless integration options in the app store that seamlessly connect with your Shopify store. For instance, some apps allow you to link your eCommerce platform with popular email service providers or accounting software. Others offer advanced features like automated customer support via live chat or AI-driven product recommendations.

No matter what specific tool you need to boost efficiency and profitability, chances are there’s an app in the Shopify Plus App Store.

Finding Apps Tailored To Your Needs

If enhancing customer profiles is a priority – perhaps through more profound insights into their shopping habits – look no further than analytic-focused applications available here. Or are you maybe expanding reach through new online marketplace appeals? You’ll find numerous options dedicated solely to this goal, too.

Say goodbye to cumbersome manual tasks. With access analytics provided by these robust apps, managing stores becomes streamlined like never before.

Beyond Standard Setups: Advanced Applications On Shopify Plus

Digging even deeper within the rich soils of this digital playground reveals another layer- advanced applications tailor-made specifically for use on Shopify Plus.

  • Shopify Scripts: These let businesses personalize their customers’ experiences without needing coding knowledge; they’re accessible directly from here.
  • ShopifyQL Notebooks: These provide a sophisticated analysis platform for those looking to dive into their data, which can be accessed here.

These advanced apps and more help you take your store management options beyond standard setups.

Key Takeaway:
Dive into the Shopify Plus App Store to discover a treasure chest of tools ready to power up your online store. With apps catering to marketing, sales, and social media needs, it’s easy to link up with popular email services or accounting software. Want personalized customer experiences? Try out Shopify Scripts. Need sophisticated data analysis? Check out ShopifyQL Notebooks. For those who are just starting or have standard setups, there is an array of valuable options.

How Does POS Integration Work with Shopify Plus?

Let’s dive into the specifics if you’re wondering how POS integration works with Shopify Plus. First, it’s crucial to understand that this feature is about unifying your online and offline sales.

The show’s star here is Shopify POS, a system designed to streamline in-person and online transactions. This setup makes managing an ecommerce platform easier by keeping track of inventory, customer profiles, and orders across multiple channels.

When integrated correctly into your Shopify store, it can enhance customer shopping experiences while simplifying store management for merchants. It’s like having the ability to be in multiple places simultaneously.

POS Pro Features

The true magic lies within its advanced features – ‘POS Pro.’ The enhanced version offers functionalities such as unlimited registers; staff accounts management options, and access analytics related to sales trends or customer behavior insights.

Whether running a pop-up shop at local events or having physical retail stores across various locations, everything stays interconnected under one umbrella. Now, that sounds efficient.

Integrating POS with Online Store

Integrating Shopify Plus’ powerful Point-of-Sale (POS) capabilities into your online marketplace might seem daunting initially, but believe me when I say – it’s not rocket science. Once set up successfully on your eCommerce platform, these tools help bridge gaps between digital storefronts & brick-and-mortar shops beautifully.

You’ll need coding knowledge only if custom apps are required. Otherwise, standard setups work perfectly fine without technical expertise, which is another big plus.

A Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Start by enabling Shopify POS on your store. This is as simple as clicking a few buttons within the Shopify Plus interface.

Step 2: Configure your hardware settings if you’re using devices like barcode scanners or receipt printers with the system.

Step 3: Wrap it up by linking your products and inventory. This will make sure everything stays in sync across all platforms.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus and its Point-of-Sale (POS) system make managing online and offline sales, inventory, customer profiles, and orders from various channels a breeze. The extra bells and whistles in ‘POS Pro’ allow for even more efficient store management. Merging POS with your online store is as easy as pie, thanks to Shopify’s intuitive interface—it’s like having the ultimate power that brings together all facets of your business.

Shopify Plus for Wholesale and B2B Businesses

Shopify Plus has some serious perks to consider if you’re running a wholesale or B2B operation. It’s not just about the advanced apps that make your online store hum like a well-oiled machine; it’s also about how Shopify Plus tailors its platform to cater to these types of businesses.

Fully Customizable Store Management Options

The beauty of Shopify Plus lies in its customization capabilities. From adjusting your shopping cart behavior to customizing checkout recovery procedures, this ecommerce platform is designed with flexibility in mind.

You can even use their powerful application programming interface (API) to build unique customer profiles, integrate social media platforms seamlessly into your online marketplace, and manage all shipping rates – from carrier shipping arrangements to individual transaction fees.

Dedicated Support & Merchant Success Program

In addition, Shopify offers dedicated support through its merchant success program, ensuring that every step towards establishing a thriving business is covered. Whether you need help with domain names or want insights into effective SEO strategies, they have resources available at every turn.

Moreover, they’ve got an academy chock-full of additional resources explicitly aimed at large-scale operations where staff accounts management becomes crucial. Their comprehensive Shopify Plus Academy helps organizations set up roles so different users access only what they need – simplifying organization admin duties immensely.

Simplifying Expansion Efforts

If global expansion is on your horizon, then let me tell you – few eCommerce platforms do it as well as Shopify Plus. Their unique features, like expansion stores and dedicated wholesale channels, make going global seem almost effortless.

Thanks to these functionalities, it’s a breeze to manage stores in multiple languages or currencies – it’s one of the many reasons big brands trust this platform for their eCommerce needs.

A Closer Look at Pricing

At first glance, the pricing model might seem steep, with its revenue-based structure starting from $2k per month. But it becomes evident when you consider everything that’s included – advanced apps, fully customizable checkout experiences, and unlimited staff accounts. The real value lies in these comprehensive features.

Key Takeaway:
Shopify Plus offers robust features explicitly designed for B2B and wholesale businesses. It provides customizable store management, dedicated support, tools for easy global expansion, and comprehensive resources for large-scale operations. While the pricing might seem high initially, the value lies in its extensive functionalities like advanced apps and unlimited staff accounts.

FAQs about Shopify Plus Review 2024 | Better Than Shopify Core Plans?

Is Shopify Plus better than Shopify?
Shopify Plus offers more advanced features and scalability, making it a superior choice for larger businesses or those poised to increase.

Is it worth upgrading to Shopify Plus?
An upgrade can be worthwhile if your business has high-volume sales or needs the advanced customization that Shopify Plus provides.

What are the limitations of Shopify Plus?
The main limitation is cost. Smaller businesses may find the higher pricing of Shopify Plus less affordable compared to primary plans.

At what point does Shopify Plus make sense?
Moving up to Shopify Plus makes sense when you need greater customization, enhanced features, and scalability for expanding operations beyond regular plans’ limits.


So there you have it, our Shopify Plus Review 2024. The takeaway? Shopify Plus is an ecommerce powerhouse with advanced apps and custom checkouts that take the shopping experience to new heights.

This platform isn’t just about looks, though. It’s got some serious power under the hood with store management tools built for scale. You’re not just running an online store; you’re commanding a fleet of commerce-driven starships.

The pricing structure may seem steep at first glance, but remember: you’re investing in growth, flexibility, and scalability – factors crucial to any business aiming for the stars.

If international expansion or breaking into B2B is on your agenda, buckle up because Shopify Plus can help get you there faster than light speed!

But what about those core plans? Compared to them, it’s clear as day that if your ambitions are cosmic-sized, then Shopify Plus packs more punch per parsec!

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