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Should You Have a Backup Key for Your Car? Let’s Understand Its Significance and Other Aspects!

A busy urban dweller's life revolves around daily chores, home and office timing, family members, etc. Earlier, those who couldn't afford cars considered them a luxury.

However, things have changed, and so are the people's perspectives. Today, every modern family depends on its vehicle to finish their errands and other outdoor work quickly. Plus, it removes the hassle of waiting for public transport or the fear of missing one when running late for the day. Other comforts are also well-known. Not having access to it, even for a day, can be a headache. Suppose you lose your car key. How would you feel in that situation? Much depends on whether you have only one or a duplicate and the primary key.

The problem with a single-car key

While managing one key is easy, you must realize you cannot drive your car if you lose it. Stress levels will increase if you have an urgent meeting on the same day. Furthermore, repeated use of the same key exposes it to wear and tear risks, especially during wet seasons. And your vehicle's security will be significantly impacted if someone else finds it. That's why an expert locksmith Beaverton Oregon advises automobile owners to have duplicate car keys.

The advantages of having a spare car key

The first thing you do after misplacing or losing a key is frantically searching for it. Suppose you are locked out of the car while the key is inside. What do you do? In Oregano, you can rely on locksmiths, whether you live in McMinnville or Beaverton. Suppose you are from McMinnville. How do you face this situation when it happens? A spare key will save that unnecessary experience with tension as you can still access your car and thank the almighty for it. So, if you want to get one more, contact a locksmith McMinnville Oregon and get the duplicate one ready. Duplicate keys also make everyone's life in a big family simple. A person will no longer need the primary car key for driving. 

Making an extra key will demand a small investment if you worry about expenses. However, you should measure the importance of this decision against the stressful and time-wasting experiences any emergency lockout situation can lead to in the absence of a car key. Also, replacement keys cost more than creating a copy of the original key. 

A few additional points

Having an extra car key is an intelligent move. However, all these keys need proper placement and care, too. The keys should be maintained well to avoid the signs of wear and tear or accidental breaking. Keep the spare key safe so you don't lose it. 

A reliable local locksmith can help with duplicating car keys. They will look at the car's essential type and its characteristics. If it's a transponder key, they must have adequate tools and experience for making its copy. These keys contain electronic chips for higher security levels. Modern vehicles usually come with these types of keys to thwart theft risks. Also, these are easier to use. An honest locksmith will be straightforward in their approach. They will tell you whether they specialize in this work or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does having a spare car key make daily life easier?
A spare car key allows for greater flexibility and less stress if the primary key is lost, ensuring continued access to your vehicle.

What are the risks of not having a spare car key?
Without a spare, losing your primary key can lead to being locked out of your car, increased stress, and costly key replacement.

How can a spare key enhance vehicle security?
A spare key ensures you maintain access and control over your vehicle if the primary key is lost or stolen, adding an extra layer of security.

What is the significance of spare keys in a family?
Spare keys simplify family logistics by allowing multiple family members access to the car without sharing a single key.

What do you think should be considered when maintaining car keys?
Keys should be kept in a safe location to avoid wear and tear, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted access to your vehicle.

What are the typical costs involved in getting a spare car key?
The cost varies depending on the essential type and car model, but it's generally more affordable than replacing a lost key.

Can all types of car keys have duplicates made?
Most car keys, including modern transponder and electronic keys, can have duplicates made, though the process may vary.

How long does it typically take to create a spare car key?
The time to create a spare key can range from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the key.

Is it safe to store a spare car key at home?
Storing a spare key at home is safe if kept in a secure and hidden place.

Can a locksmith make a spare key without the original?
A locksmith can often create a spare key without the original by using the car's lock or ignition.

Should I let my insurance company know if I get a spare key made?
It's only typically necessary to inform your insurance company about a spare key if your policy has specific requirements.

How do I choose a reliable locksmith to make a spare car key?
Please look for a licensed and experienced locksmith with good customer reviews and the ability to handle your specific type of car.

Can electronic car keys be duplicated easily?
Electronic car keys can be duplicated but require specialized equipment and expertise.

How should I carry my spare key to avoid losing it?
Keep your spare key in a safe, memorable place, separate from your primary key, like a wallet or a dedicated compartment in your bag.

What are the risks of buying a spare car key online?
Buying a spare key online can be risky as it may need to be programmed correctly or meet the security standards of your vehicle.

How often should I check the condition of my car keys?
It's advisable to check your car keys regularly for signs of wear or damage at least every few months.

Can a spare key be made for a keyless entry system?
Yes, spare keys can be made for keyless entry systems, though the process involves programming a new key fob.

What should I do if my spare key stops working?
If your spare key stops working, please consult a locksmith or dealership to find out and fix any issues with the key.

Is it a good idea to hide a spare key in my car?
Hiding a spare key in your car is not recommended, as it can be a security risk if someone discovers it.

How can I ensure the security of my spare key?
Keep your spare key in a secure location, limit who has access to it, and consider a key safe or deposit box for added security.

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