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Should You Replace Your Office Flooring?

The quality and style of your office flooring are essential to consider.

It can affect your company image, how easy your office is to maintain, and the overall comfort of your office. By installing new flooring, you can improve your office drastically. Of course, replacing flooring can be costly and disruptive, so you need to be sure it’s the right move. Below are a few signs that it could be time to commit to new office flooring. 

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Is it damaged or permanently stained?

Ripped carpets and heavily scratched laminate could be a better look. Some rips and dents may even pose a trip hazard. If there's noticeable damage, consider getting new flooring. This could also be necessary if your flooring has permanent stains that won’t shift. Before you decide that a stain is permanent, it may be worth hiring a janitorial service that offers stain removal services—you may be surprised by how well some carpet stains come up.

Does it look dated?

Some old flooring styles now look dated. This includes many carpet styles from the late 20th century. While most old-fashioned carpets have long been gutted out of office buildings, some remain. If your flooring feels like a relic from yesteryear, consider replacing it with something fresh and modern to give your office a more contemporary feel. 

Is it too hard to clean?

Carpets have many benefits, including warmth and sound insulation, but tricky flooring solutions can be easier to clean. Spillages can leave hard-to-remove stains if not quickly attended to, and hair and dirt can get trapped in the fibers. If you’ve got carpets and find them challenging to keep clean, consider switching to a flooring solution like laminate or vinyl. Alternatively, if you prefer carpet, look into nylon or polypropylene carpets, which are easier to clean than carpets made from other materials.

Is it too noisy?

Noisy flooring can be distracting in an office. Polished stone is known for creating an echo and can amplify every footstep. Hardwood floors can, meanwhile, creak if not well maintained. If noise has become an issue, consider whether it’s time to switch to carpet. This type of flooring absorbs sound to help encourage a more peaceful office. Of course, there are other solutions. Creaky floorboards may be possible to repair individually, while you may be able to reduce loud footsteps on a stone floor by simply placing down rugs or mats in high-traffic areas.

Do other elements of your office need updating?

Replacing an office floor requires a lot of upheaval. Therefore, scheduling flooring replacement at the same time as updating furniture or repainting walls makes sense. Consider the state of the rest of your decor. Consider scheduling an entire office refurb if desks look worn and dated or paint peels on the walls. There are office interior design companies that you can work with to carry out your vision. 

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