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Showcasing Your Reviews On Social Media With Social Push And Facebook Reviews Tab

More than half of consumers in the world are on social media, and 54% of these consumers use social media channels to research products before buying them. Hence, distributing your reviews on social media can help you build trust and drive more traffic to your online store. In this article, we’ll talk about three features that assist your reviews sharing on social media:

1 – Automatic Push on Facebook and Twitter

Need an efficient way to share a huge number of reviews? Connect your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account to and let our app share the reviews for you based on your predetermined conditions. For example:

  • Share 50% percent of reviews your store receives
  • Share reviews with a minimum rating of 4
  • Share only reviews with photos
  • Share only verified reviews
  • Share a new review 3 hours after the last push

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Adjust the social push settings to set the conditions for automatic social push

You can also customize your message template to spice it up. For example, the default template is:

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But you may want to make it more engaging like this:

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If you want to schedule new reviews to go live at a specific time (e.g. the peak hours of your social channels), try using the automation between and Buffer on Zapier. Learn how to create this automation in this blog article.

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2 – Manual Push on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr

Besides automatic push, you can push your reviews manually from the reviews dashboard. Using this option, you can share not only on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. A manual social push gives you more autonomy over which reviews to share and when to share them. For example, if you receive an extremely positive review, you may want to bypass all the predetermined conditions and share it right away to gain immediate exposure.

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For Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you need to connect your accounts in Settings > Social Media before sharing the reviews manually.

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You can reuse your social push templates in Settings > Social Media, or edit the content to push a completely new message.

*Note: If you have pushed a review manually, we’ll exclude it from the automatic push queue, so rest assured that your reviews sharing won’t be duplicated.

3 – Setting up the Facebook Reviews Tab

Besides the news feed, your Facebook Page’s tabs are also potential interaction points. How about adding a tab for product reviews? If your Facebook page has more than 2000 likes, our Facebook Reviews Tab lets you display the same reviews as in your Review Widget on your Facebook Page. You can customize the name of this reviews tab, and display the “write a review” button to let your customers submit reviews directly when they are on Facebook.

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Example of Facebook Reviews Tab from Ocha & Co

Ready to go social? helps you not only collect and display reviews but also spread them to the world. And you can’t miss such a bustling channel as social media to enhance your social proof. Go ahead and try out our social push features and Facebook Reviews Tab to promote your products to more potential buyers!

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