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Five Major Obstacles in Store Building and How to Overcome

A woman is overcoming obstacles while building a store on an ecommerce website.

Are you a new store owner ready to take the first step toward building an e-store? As you dive into the process of creating your store page, it's essential to stay informed about the potential obstacles that may arise.

Do you know about these obstacles and how to overcome them?

In this article, we'll walk you through five main obstacles you'll likely face when building a page and show you how GemPages can help you overcome them. 

Let's dive in! 

Insufficient Skills and Knowledge in Page Building 

Constructing a stunning and engaging Shopify store requires fundamental skills and an understanding of coding, designing, marketing, and more. It quickly becomes a big struggle for you if you want to build your page but need to gain the necessary skills and experience. 

Where to start? How do you think you could create a layout? Which elements and sections should you choose? A host of questions then comes up that you need to resolve.

How can GemPages help you?

GemPages offers a user-friendly interface with pre-made templates, blocks, and elements that can be easily customized and arranged according to your preferences, even without coding or design skills. It allows you to design and optimize your pages that effectively engage visitors, increase conversions, and drive sales.

The upcoming AI-powered feature – Image-to-layout in Editor 7.0- will provide you with a fully editable layout that looks like your input in seconds, making your building process easier and smarter than ever.

Image-to-Layout - The first AI feature developed by GemAI
Image-to-Layout – The first AI feature developed by GemAI

Read more: GemPages v7: AI-powered for Unmatched Performance and Experiences

Lack of Resources 

Building a captivating and compelling online store requires a team of a designer, a marketer, a developer, a content writer, and more. However, small businesses may have other options than affording such expenses. Or if you decide to construct the webpage on your own, it will require a lot of time and effort. In this case, if you are the only soldier in the e-business battle, the outcome may not be impactful, no matter how hard you try. 

How can GemPages help you?

GemPages offers cost-effective subscription plans suitable for businesses with limited budget capabilities. It provides different tiers of subscription plans tailored to various budget levels, enabling you to select a pricing tier that fits your needs. 

GemPages price
GemPages subscription tiers

Moreover, GemPages optimizes the entire page-building process, helping you save time when creating pages. With their new Editor v7 featuring AI, the building speed is 4x faster than the previous Editor. By trying the new editor, users can experience massive feature upgrades that increase page-building efficiency. One of the most significant improvements is the latest element list. Users can search for elements in the search bar for easier drag&drop. Also, the new element icons have been redesigned to represent how they appear on the page accurately.

Inability to Create Professional Stores 

To create a store that looks professional and trustworthy, it is crucial to focus on creating a consistent design that accurately represents your brand. Besides, with more and more customers accessing online stores through their phones and tablets, you must ensure that the shopping experience is as seamless and user-friendly on mobile devices as on desktops. However, these requirements might be barriers for store owners.

How can GemPages help you?

GemPages revolutionized page-building with its seller-centric approach. And in the GemPages v7, the user experience is taken to the next level. It enables you to customize and personalize your pages that reflect your brand with fulfilling capabilities such as seasonal templates and conversion-driven elements. All of these are well-researched and studied on diverse groups of users for specific needs.

GemPages template
GemPages template collection

Additionally, GemPages also offers responsive cross-device functionality. The pages created with GemPages will look great and work seamlessly across all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Through a click on the GemPages dashboard, how to store pages displayed on different gadgets can be fully demonstrated. Users can ultimately adjust elements on their respective devices to have the most polished page look.

Silos in Sales and Marketing Funnels 

One of the biggest challenges for new store owners is managing and optimizing sales performance. How would you like to engage more visitors? How to convert them into our loyal customers? You need an expert or a tool to help you make the assessment. However, these resources may not be currently available for you and might be too pricey for a small and medium business.

How can GemPages help you?

GemPages offers a range of third-party apps that help you scale your business. Multiple third-party apps with specific features are available on GemPages, including the most renowned players in the industry, like Ali Reviews, Stamped.io, Yotpo, Bold Product Options, Growave, etc.

GemPages integrations
Third-pary integrations on GemPages Dashboard

Additionally, GemPages developed its feature to satisfy Gemmers while building pages, including A/B testing or GemMeter. They are practical functions that help you improve store performance by optimizing conversion rate, tracking performance, and enhancing user experience.

Irregular Support and Assistance

Technical difficulties or design problems that can be challenging to address are inevitable when building a store page. As a sole store owner, you may need access to adequate support to help you resolve these issues. 

Consequently, these challenges can lead to delays or even prevent you from launching the page, causing significant frustrations and struggles.

How can GemPages help you?

GemPages provides reliable customer support through multiple channels, including email, live chat, live video support, and a host of helpful articles on the GemPages Blog and tutorials on the GemPages Help Center

So that you know, all your questions will be responded to immediately within 24 hours. Also, you can access the live chat feature during GemPages' business hours for more help as soon as possible. Moreover, there’s an active Facebook community for users struggling with page building to ask for help. In this community, GemPages’ CS team is also online to provide immediate support whenever users need it. 

Review on GemPages
Review on GemPages

Find more reviews at: https://apps.shopify.com/gempages/reviews?page=3 


With the easy-to-use interface and a host of capabilities, GemPages empowers you to build a stunning, high-converting store that truly reflects your unique vision and resonates with your target audience. Additionally, the support from the excellent customer service team ensures a stress-free building process. This comes at a very affordable price, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Unlock the full potential of GemPages and discover the benefits it has to offer. Don't wait any longer, and start exploring by trying GemPages today. You'll be glad you did!

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic skills do I need to build a Shopify store?

Building a Shopify store requires an understanding of coding, designing, marketing, and more. If you lack these skills, platforms like GemPages can provide user-friendly interfaces and pre-made templates, making it easy to build a professional-looking store without any technical expertise.

How can I make my Shopify store unique and stand out from others?

GemPages allows for complete customization of your store design beyond the limitations of default Shopify templates. You can personalize elements such as headings, images, texts, and buttons to better align with your brand and marketing goals.

What is the AI-powered feature in GemPages Editor v7?

GemPages Editor v7 introduces an AI-powered feature called Image-to-Layout, which provides a fully editable layout based on the image you input. This makes the page-building process more efficient and intuitive.

What if I don't have the resources or time to build a Shopify store?

GemPages offers cost-effective subscription plans tailored to various budget levels and optimizes the page-building process to save time. The AI-powered Editor v7 enhances building speed, offering massive feature upgrades to increase efficiency.

How can I ensure my Shopify store looks professional and trustworthy?

Consistency in design that accurately represents your brand is key to creating a professional and trustworthy store. GemPages offers customizable and personalized page templates, along with responsive cross-device functionality, ensuring seamless user experience across all devices.

How can GemPages help with managing and optimizing my store's sales performance?

GemPages provides integrations with third-party apps to help scale your business, including renowned industry players like Ali Reviews, Stamped.io, Yotpo, Bold Product Options, Growave, etc. Features like A/B testing and GemMeter assist in optimizing conversion rate, tracking performance, and enhancing user experience.

What kind of support does GemPages offer?

GemPages offers comprehensive support through various channels, including email, live chat, live video support, and a range of helpful articles and tutorials. Additionally, there's an active Facebook community where users can seek help and support from the GemPages team.

Can GemPages help me overcome obstacles in building my Shopify store?

Yes, GemPages is designed to help you overcome the common challenges of building an online store. From its user-friendly interface and pre-made templates for those lacking technical skills to its fully customizable designs for creating a unique online presence, GemPages provides solutions for each obstacle.

What are some of the upgrades in the new GemPages Editor v7?

GemPages Editor v7 introduces numerous upgrades for an enhanced user experience, including a faster page-building speed, an improved element list, and AI-powered features such as Image-to-Layout. These improvements streamline the process and make it easier to create a professional online store.

Is GemPages a suitable solution for small businesses with budget constraints?

Absolutely, GemPages offers different tiers of subscription plans suitable for various budget capabilities, making it an affordable solution for small businesses. The platform aims to optimize the entire page-building process, saving time and resources.

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