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SMS Marketing Done Right

SMS Marketing Done Right

SMS marketing has many benefits when done right. Since so many of us spend so much time on our phone, it’s one of the most effective and immediate ways of contacting your customers. In order for it to work, you need to make sure the SMS’s you are sending are optimized, and they are reaching the phones of ideal customers. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

Most adults spend multiple hours a day on their phones. The growth in mobile commerce is no surprise; more and more purchases are happening on phones. A gap between Millennials and Gen Z has become apparent, as Millennials feel more comfortable making bigger ticket purchases (such as flights, furniture or accommodation) on their laptop or browser. Gen Z, however, are comfortable making these bigger purchases on their mobile devices.

Since so many purchases are happening on mobiles, especially within social media and social commerce; SMS marketing makes sense. The average open and click-through rates for SMS are soaring higher above those for email click through rates. Why? Well, people simply are more active on their mobile devices. 

How To Do SMS Marketing Right

So now we know that SMS marketing works, the next question is: how can we make sure it works for you? Here are some tips we can offer in order to make sure that your SMS marketing achieves everything you hope it would.

Choose Your Target Audience

Your SMS marketing will work effectively when you are sure about who you are trying to reach. There are some questions you can ask before starting your campaign that can help, for example:

  • What is your target audience?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do you want to achieve through your campaign?
  • What will make your SMS stand out?
  • How will you motivate shoppers to follow through?
  • Would you enjoy receiving this SMS?

Asking these kinds of questions is a great way of optimizing your strategy. You need to develop a strategy that meets the needs of your shoppers, as well as achieving your needs. SMS marketing is not a ‘one-off’ thing, it’s a long term strategy that will work over time.

It should very much be in line with the rest of your omnichannel strategy. Things such as tone of voice, colors, imagery and seasonal promotions should all be clearly spread across all marketing campaigns: including SMS. This creates a holistic experience, and a strong and memorable brand image.

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

If your message is enticing and engaging, this is a good start. The text should be written in a fun, creative and engaging way. This will get shoppers on board with you. Particularly if you’re appealing to a younger demographic, make sure the language is up to date and trending with the audience you’re appealing to. 

Once you know the tone is engaging, you need to make sure that you stand out. What is it that you are offering that they can’t refuse? How can you let them know that this text is worth them engaging with?

Some ideas could be:

  • Limited time offers and deals
  • Discounts on products or services through a link i n the text
  • Flash sales for SMS customers only
  • Codes for one-time use
  • Quizzes or videos for SMS users

As long as the text stays short, simple and to the point, then there should be no problem. Your message content should be enticing and worth their while.

Don’t Forget: Merchandise Your Landing Page

Once they have clicked through, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your landing page is optimized for creating conversions. If you’ve scored a click-through, the shoppers need to have a clear and intuitive funnel from the landing page to checkout.

Merchandising is incredibly important at the best of times, and in this case it’s crucial. Make sure that the landing page is streamlined and user friendly. If you have certain merchandising rules and strategies that you are hoping to achieve at the present moment, prioritize these.

For example, if you are trying to push higher ticket items, make sure these are at the top of the page for shoppers to see when they land there. Promotions in certain locations mean that you should ensure geo-locations are turned on, and relevant shoppers see relevant items. This also applies to translations, and dynamic pricing.

In short; you need to plan ahead. All elements of SMS merchandising right through to checkout should be considered so that the process is as smooth as it can possibly be, and the highest amount of conversions are made.


SMS marketing can be incredibly effective when done right. When done wrong, it can actually have the opposite effect of irritating customers. If you get it right, you can create loyal lifetime customers. There are platforms out there, such as Attentive that specialize in SMS marketing. If you are feeling unsure of doing it alone, this is a great solution to make sure that you will be getting the rewards your business hopes for.

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