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SMS: The Ultimate Channel For An Optimized Post-Purchase Experience


A truly exceptional customer experience transcends the point of purchase — it continues all the way until you are able to bring your customer back. Transactional text messages are a simple way to deliver engaging content at every stage of this post-purchase customer journey, allowing you to keep your brand top of mind, establish credibility and trust, and drive repeat purchases.

What are transactional text messages? Similar to post-purchase emails, a transactional SMS is a non-marketing message used to connect with your customer about a recent purchase, sharing need-to-know order details, tracking information, and more. Consumers today expect these real-time updates where it’s most convenient to receive them — their phones — and with SMS, you can reach them there with a level of immediacy and personalization that other channels can’t match.

In fact, a recent Yotpo survey revealed that over 55% of U.S. consumers prefer text messaging because it’s immediate, convenient, …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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