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Keeping up with shipping issues and rising customer expectations can feel impossible.

Building a successful ecommerce business naturally has its ups and downs. But with additional sales and pressures during a global pandemic, shipping challenges and customer needs were on the rise.

Virtually handling all business processes on her own, Sabrina quickly became familiar with the post-purchase process. Managing 200-300 orders per week, on top of designing and marketing product launches, visiting the factory, and personally fulfilling and shipping orders, was easily a full-time job-and-a-half. As a result, she had little time to deal with difficult processes outside of her control. “If a package was ever lost and needed to be tracked down and ultimately refunded or replaced, the carrier approval claim process would often take up to two weeks,” Sabrina recalls. “It was pretty horrible and out of control.”

In the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns, carrier crises, lost packages, and inefficient claims processes, Sabrina knew she needed a solution.

This originally appeared on Route and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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